The Shining Twins (Grady Twins) Costume

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Few things are more iconic in the horror scene than The Shining Twins. When you and another wear The Shining Twins costume, you are sure to send chills down some spines. The Shining Twins, also known as the Grady Twins, are a pair of little girls from the horror film, The Shining.

You’ll Need:

  1. Blue Lolita Dress
  2. Knee-high Socks
  3. White Hair Clips
  4. Mary Jane Flat Shoes
  5. Fake Blood

DIY The Shining Twins Costume Guide

There are many unsettling scenes in The Shining that follow. One of them involves the Grady Twins standing in a long hallway. The twins were finally brutally killed. 

Their line, “come play with us,” has become as iconic as the movie itself. 

To dress like Grady Twins, you will first need a Blue Lolita Dress with Knee-high Socks and Mary Jane Flat Shoes. 

Finally, complete their trademark look with White Hair Clips and Fake Blood.

The Shining Twins Cosplay Costume

It is a good idea to grab your friend and dress in The Shining Twins costume together this Halloween

To begin, you will need to get a blue dress that has a white tie around the middle as well as frilly sleeves.

You could always tie a ribbon around your waist if you cannot find a suitable dress with one sewn in. 

The girls wear a pair of knee-high white stockings and a pair of black Mary Jane shoes.

In their hair, they both wear white hair clips and clip their hair off to the side. 

To make the costume truly spine-chilling, you can use fake blood. Get bloody effects and make yourself look like the girls that way for an added bonus. 

the shining twins costume

About Grady Twins from The Shining

The Shining Twins are a pair of twin sisters that appear in the film, The Shining.

In The Shining, Jack Torrance is an aspiring novelist that starts his work as a caretaker in the Overlook Hotel found in the Colorado Rockies. 

Before he can make any progress on his self-improvement, Jack Torrance encounters a vengeful spirit. This drives him to insanity and sends him on a murderous rampage.

During the many chilling scenes that follow, viewers see a pair of twin girls in blue dresses.

They hold hands and utter one of the most famous lines from the film: Come play with us. Forever… and ever… and ever.

Grady Twins Makeup Tutorial |The Shining| Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Grady Twins?

1. “Come play with us, Danny.”

2. “Forever… and ever… and ever.”

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