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Mal Costume

Mal costume has become famous lately. This is all thanks to her personal traits in The Descendants. She is the main character, but unlike cliche ones, she starts as a negative character. Her mother was evil and wanted to get her hands on the magic wand (the fairy godmother’s). Mal helped her mother on this … Read more

Last-Minute Abby Hatcher Costume Idea 0 (0)

abby hatcher costume

Learn the best way to dress up in this Abby Hatcher costume and be the young aspiring detective! She is a kind-hearted 7-year-old girl from a Canadian CGI-animated television series, Abby Hatcher, Fuzzly Catcher. She and her family have just moved into a weird old hotel, and it’s possible that the fuzzlies that live there are lurking in the shadows.

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Raven Cosplay

Of the leading cosplay ideas, you’ll find Raven cosplay one of the best and most fun suggestions out there! Raven cosplay is great for those that want to make an emotional commitment to their plan. They’ll need to show off all those intense layers all at once! This has plenty of detail in the cosplay costume itself and lots of deep personality traits. You can play up a lot, and there is nothing but potential waiting for you in this distinctive character.