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Mal costume has become famous lately. This is all thanks to her personal traits in The Descendants. She is the main character, but unlike cliche ones, she starts as a negative character.

Her mother was evil and wanted to get her hands on the magic wand (the fairy godmother’s). Mal helped her mother on this mission, but she understood it was not right later.

Over time, she understood that whatever was missing in her life couldn’t be filled with hatred. This realization changed her perspective and worldview.

You’ll Need:

  1. Mal Costume
  2. Mal Wig
  3. Mal Necklace
  4. Purple Leather Gloves
  5. Black Boots

Mal cosplay Costume DIY Guide

Transforming into Mal seems a little complicated. But I will try my best to make things easy for you. Simply follow our Mal Costume DIY Guide for this transformation.

Get ready to prepare five things! The first thing is a black high-neck shirt, followed by a plum jacket and plum pants. Next, you are left to grab plum boots and a wig.

There you go; it’s that easy and simple! Lastly, the proper makeover and body language do the rest of the job. If you are planning to get a Mal costume, then make sure you practice the right expression and stance.

Mal Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Mal Cosplay Costume

Mal costume hints at her dark magic powers. So, this effortlessly makes it a perfect costume for Halloween.

The look is cool, deadly, and dangerous. If you like a badass and dark look for Halloween, then cosplaying Mal is the right choice.

It’s best suited for people who want to look classy, bold, hot, and confident. The good thing is you don’t need to do a haunted makeover since this already makes things spooky.

Mal Costume

About Mal From Descendants

Mal is not like a cliche protagonist, who is all good and kind. Instead, she is a badass and has a mix of negative and positive traits that make her interesting.

She is smart, cool, and confident, and she knows how to manage things. Mal is an ideal friend that one wishes to have in life and the worst foe one could have.

She likes casting spells, and because of her evil mother, she is very good at planning things. Her mother is one of the most important people to her. Mal tries her best to win her mother and make her proud.
This is also one of the reasons for her negative traits, because she doesn’t want to disappoint her mother. If it were not for her mother, she would have been an entirely positive person inside and out.

What is the most famous quote from Mal?

1. “Yeah. It’s Cute. It Brings Out Your Eyes.”

2. “Boyfriends Are Overrated.”

3. “Ugh! I’m Going To Need Some Serious Sunscreen.”

4. “It’s Magic. It Doesn’t Have To Look Scary.”

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