Master Wang Fu Costume 5 (1)

Master Wang Fu Costume

A Master Wang Fu costume is sure to be a hit among modern-day cosplayers who grew up watching Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. Master Wang Fu is one of the supporting characters of Miraculous and is a former healer and the prior Great Guardian of the Miraculouses. He is the one who gave … Read more

Cat Noir: A Cat Superhero 0 (0)

cat noir costume

Cat Noir costume is now becoming a popular choice for people at cosplay parties or Halloween. Especially if you are a cat lover, you can’t go wrong with this costume. Adrien Agreste(a.k.a. Cat Noir) made his debut in Miraculous Ladybug, a French superhero computer-animated series. The show follows him and his partner Marinette Dupin-Ching(a.k.a. Lady Bug) as they struggle against a mysterious villain.