Fat Thor: A Fat and Depressed Superhero 0 (0)

Fat Thor Costume Fat Thor: A Fat and Depressed Superhero

If you want to have a laid-back superhero look, then this Fat Thor costume is perfect. In The Avengers Endgame, the harsh reality of Thor’s failed battle with Thanos hits him hard. Thor began to fall into depression and developed less than healthy habits. It was for this reason that the obese Thor emerged. He took off his iconic Asgardian god costume and replaced it with a laid-back, comfortable one. The Fat Thor costume has become popular because people started to identify with him and the challenges that he ended up facing at that time.

Last-Minute Scarface Costume Idea 2 (1)

scarface costume

When you want to bring that sense of power onto yourself, you’ll need the Scarface costume to do so. A Scarface costume is not complete without an understanding of where it comes from. A true classic in those who follow it, Scarface focuses on the new beginning of Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee. Using tricks and intellect, Tony Montana transforms himself into one of the best drug lords around. He earns many loyal followers as he does so.

Doc Brown: The Future’s Doc 0 (0)

doc brown costume

Are you waiting to find your adventure and journey into the future? If so, try Doc Brown costume! It can create the right look for your next event just got a whole lot easier. Doc Brown is eccentric, accurate, and somehow perfect. Especially if you’re looking at the idea of transforming yourself into a scientist.