Last-Minute Scarface Costume Idea

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  1. White Double-Breasted Suit
  2. Men’s Dress Shirt
  3. Polka Dotted Hanky
  4. Gold Chain Necklace
  5. Gold Plated Ring Set
  6. Metal Punk Sunglasses
  7. Men’s Socks
  8. Crosman Stinger Spring Airsoft Gun
  9. Oxford Shoes

Easy DIY Scarface Costume Guide

Tony Montana, aka Scarface, is portrayed by Al Pacino in the American crime drama film Scarface. Tony Montana is Elvira Hancock‘s husband. Scarface follows Cuban refugee Tony Montana, who uses cunning and wit to win many loyal followers and eventually transforms into one of the best drug lords.

To dress like Scarface, you will need a white double-breasted suit paired with a red dress shirt and black Oxford shoes. Then, add a polka-dotted hanky and red socks to the look. Next, add a gold chain necklace, a gold-plated ring set, and metal punk sunglasses for the finishing touch. Remember to bring your prop gun to complete the Scarface look.

About Tony Montana From Scarface

Tony Montana has a large scar on his face, which is why he is called Scarface. He started as a penniless Cuban refugee who found a job as a dishwasher in Miami to make ends meet.

However, he is unwilling to accept the status quo and believes there is no future if this continues. So he began to crawl around in the underworld, constantly accumulating wealth and power. He dealt with enemies, formed alliances, and always knew how to find the good in the bad. Slowly, he single-handedly created his drug empire. But in the end, his paranoid ambition, drug addiction, and violence brought him a chaotic situation.

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