Last-Minute Elvira Hancock Costume Idea

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  1. Deep V-Neck Dress
  2. Short Light Blonde Wig
  3. Crystal Dangle Drop Earrings
  4. Plated Sterling Silver Ring
  5. Crystal Bracelet
  6. Closed Toe Classic Pumps
  7. Evening Handbag
  8. Fake Cigarettes

Easy DIY Elvira Hancock Costume Guide

Elvira Hancock is the wife of drug lord Tony Montan, portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer in the 1983 American crime film Scarface. In the movie, her relationship with Tony goes through ups and downs, and then Elvira eventually leaves Tony after realizing that his life is entirely of drugs and danger. Elvira is a tortured soul, drawn to whatever helps her get ahead. Her main drive in life is to find success, using other people to get it, and this is a massive part of her personality onscreen.

To dress like Elvira Hancock, you will need a Deep V-neck dress and a Short Light Blonde Wig to nail the iconic look. Then, accessorize with closed-toe classic pumps, crystal dangle drop earrings, a plated sterling silver ring, a crystal bracelet, and an evening handbag. You can also hold fake cigarettes to get a better look.

About Elvira Hancock From Scarface

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Elvira left her hometown and journeyed to Miami in pursuit of her biological father. She found employment as a waitress at the Babylon Club, where she crossed paths with drug lord Frank Lopez. Following their meeting, Frank extended an offer for her to work as a secretary for Lopez Motors. There, Elvira Hancock and Frank fell in love, eventually marrying.

However, their union faced challenges when Elvira developed a severe cocaine addiction. Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee working for Frank, developed feelings for Elvira. As Tony gained influence in the drug world, he pledged a better life for Elvira than Frank could provide. After Tony eliminated Frank, they married.

Their relationship deteriorated as Tony’s obsession with wealth and power grew, and Elvira became increasingly detached due to her drug addiction. The tension escalated to the point where Tony attempted to assault Elvira. Having had enough, Elvira delivered a final insult to Tony before leaving him for good.

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