Elvira Hancock: Timeless Iconic And Chic

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Want to be pretty stunning at a party? This Elvira Hancock costume is certainly an easy winner. The main character in the beloved Scarface film is a powerful woman who is unafraid to take on new challenges and advocate for herself.

You’ll Need:

  1. Deep V-Neck Dress
  2. Short Light Blonde Wig
  3. Crystal Dangle Drop Earrings
  4. Plated Sterling Silver Ring
  5. Crystal Bracelet
  6. Closed Toe Classic Pumps
  7. Evening Handbag
  8. Fake Cigarettes

DIY Elvira Hancock Costume Guide

Elvira is a tortured soul, drawn to whatever helps her get ahead. Her main drive in life is to find success, using ether people to get it, and this is a huge part of her personality onscreen. For those who identify with her quest to go after only what she wants, the Elvira Hancock costume is a great choice.

Interested in replicating this?  You’ll need a slinky tel dress that has the high cut out like the classic character. In addition, you need shoulder-length blonde wigs that can give you a sharp aura and particular taste. Dress up simply and don’t be afraid to replicate the classic platinum blonde bomb that is going to help you pull this look together. Just perfect for creating a dressed-up and enviable silhouette that is so classically understated.

Elvira Hancock Cosplay Costume

From the moment that you first dive into Scarface, Elvira is captivating. She’s raw power, raw energy, and also filled to the brim with a sense of motivation that has many people wishing they were her.  She’s successful in that she always stays focused on what she wants in her life — cocaine.

For reasons we never learn, she is addicted to cocaine and this grows throughout her tale. Eventually, it takes over everything else in her life until it’s the only reason that she exists.

While we don’t recommend cocaine, the power in this Elvira Hancock costume is undeniable. This makes it an instant win when hunting for a way to bring out that inner warrior.  After all, her needs are met come hell or high water.

Elvira Hancock costume is great for a cosplay event. You also can let your friend dress up as your husband, Tony Montana, and you’ll be the most dazzling couple at the party! This is going to be one of those instant choices that’ll earn you cheers from all those who recognize the powerful figure that you’re pulling off.

Elvira Hancock costume

Elvira Hancock: Confident And Chic

When you step into this Elvira Hancock costume, you are going to be stepping into a unique personality. She is powerful regardless of what you most like or dislike about her approaches to life or preferences. You have to admit that even taking a look at this dress and her sense of power in it, she’s pretty stunning.

Now imagine how good it’s going to feel to embody those traits and features for yourself. Enjoy this silky soft dress and classic, timeless hairstyle. Paired with a few choice accessories, it is going to be the cosplay costume worth remembering.

Elvira Hancock really determines a lot of the behavior of her husband, Tony Montana (Scarface). It also shows off his devotion to doing things the right way. Elvira is a delicious contrast and will make for a fun cosplay costume. This is especially when looking to do things differently and efficiently. Keep her attitude in mind and the character in the heart.  The rest is up to the silky dress!

Elvira Hancock Makeup Tutorial

What is the most famous quote from Elvira Hancock?

1. “Lesson number two: Don’t get high on your own supply.”

2. “You’re always hungry, you should try starving.”

3. “Nothing exceeds like excess. You should know that, Tony.“

4. ”God, I’ve got enough friends. I don’t need another. Especially one who just got off a banana boat.“