Joe Exotic: The Tiger King

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A Joe Exotic costume is all about bringing out those harsh characteristics. For those that want to step outside the box and try something totally wild, Joe is the persona to do that with. While he’s been active for a long time, Exotic took the stage when the world learned about his animal abuse charges.…

You’ll Need:

  1. Exotic Shirt
  2. Relaxed Fit Cotton Jean
  3. Joe’s Wig and Mustache
  4. Joe Exotic Baseball Hat
  5. Men’s Wrist Watches
  6. Choker Necklace
  7. Tiger Plush
  8. Nylon Belt
  9. Drop Leg Holster

DIY Joe Exotic Costume Guide

Joe Exotic started out well enough with wholesome roots as a pet store. It quickly evolved into a zoo that because known for its animal abuse. A hard and aggressive man, Exotic made many enemies that started him down a hard path.

One of his most distinctive looks became this inspiration for a cosplay costume. To create this look of power and prowess yourself, the focus is on the branded baseball cap, first. Then the wig that gives you the classic hairstyle and the sequinned top featuring gold and black tiger stripes. Finish with the light-wash jeans.

This is all paired with whatever accessories you think will bring you closer to personifying this fierce character. This Joe Exotic costume is certainly a flashy one that is going to be a well-loved favorite. Just make sure that you do it right for the full effect.

Joe Exotic Cosplay Costumes

One of the most popular parts of his legacy was his feud with Carole Baskin. He was eventually jailed for hiring people to try to kill her. The court also added animal abuse charges to it and give him a sentence of 22 years in total.

This hard and tough character is all about looking out for himself and stopping at nothing to get what he wants. Whether this is a positive or negative thing, it certainly speaks to his intentions.

Embody strength, through the sequinned and patterned costume of this distinctive character. Even better if you find someone to go around with you dressed as Carole Baskin or perhaps as a tiger. It’s going to be a distinctive look that should get you several looks of recognition.

We don’t recommend that you actually follow the steps of the Tiger King. A conviction is going to be a very real consequence that you’ll have to carry out.

Joe Exotic Costume

About Joe Exotic From Tiger King

When you look at the description above, it’s okay if you’re put off by him. He certainly is a rugged and intense figure. However, it’s also a symbol of strength and relative success. The highlight of many documentaries, he’s certainly earned a name for himself. Plus, he was a successful director of the G.W Zoo for a long time!   

For those that want to step outside the box and try something totally wild, Joe Exotic is the persona to do that with. Plus, with a sparkling and patterned top like that, paired with this classic overdone hairstyle, it’s going to be a huge success when you’re looking specifically to try something different.

Whether it’s the character you’re portraying in his cosplay costume or just the tiger stripes themselves, it’s all about creating the right kind of presence. The rest is going to be all about how you put it all to work.

Performs As Joe Exotic

What is the most famous quote from Joe Exotic?

1. “I’m Joe Exotic, Otherwise Known As The Tiger King, The Gay, Gun-Carrying Redneck With A Mullet.”

2. “I’m In A Cage. You Know Why Animals Die In Cages? Their Soul Dies.”

3. “I Am Gay As A Three Dollar Bill, And I’m Standing In A Cage With Five Full-Grown Tigers And Lions.”

4. “I Went To Work Every Day Prepared To Die In A Tiger Cage. Dying Doesn’t Scare Me.”

5. “Your Whole Audience Will Say, ‘Oh My God, That Guy Has A Mullet!’”

6. “I’d Shoot You Before I’d Shoot My Cat.”

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