Brock Pokemon Costume 5 (1)

brock pokemon costume

With a Brock Pokemon costume, you are sure to delight the Pokemon fans that you come across.

Brock is one of the main characters in the Pokemon franchise. Fans first meet Brock as the gym leader in Pewter City. In his gym, he loses his battle with Ash.

This defeat prompts him to leave behind his gym leader duties and follow Ash on his quest to catch all the Pokemon. Brock himself has dreams of becoming a Pokemon breeder.

Misty: Water-type Pokémon Trainer 0 (0)

misty cosplay

If you are a fan of Pokémon, then this casual but eye-catching misty cosplay is perfect for you. Misty, also known as Kasumi, is one of the most popular Pokemon characters. A lot of people like her unique style and manner. She is a gym leader at first in the Pokemon series and games. But eventually, she travels with Ask Ketchum and also Brock. Her focus is to eventually become a Pokemon master.

30+ DIY Redhead Halloween Costumes Ideas 0 (0)

redhead costume

Finding the right redhead costumes can be quite a challenge, especially with so many different costumes available on the market. Thankfully, you will have no problem identifying some great costumes you can wear for a special event, party, or for Halloween. Which makes you wonder, what cool redhead costumes are there? Here are some great … Read more