L Death Note Costume

L Death Note Costume

An L costume is sure to become a blast among millennial cosplayers who had the fortune of experiencing Death Note. L Lawliet is one of the main characters from the Death Note series. He is a world-famous detective who takes up the greatest challenges the Criminal World has to offer. His most notable case was … Read more

Mello Death Note Cosplay

Mello Death Note Cosplay

A Mello costume is guaranteed to be a hit among millennial cosplayers who experienced the wonder that is Death Note. Mello is the secondary antagonist of the second half of the Death Note series. As the older of L’s two successors raised at Wammy’s House, he has a major inferiority complex. He is a genius … Read more

Ryuk (Death Note) Cosplay

Ryuk cosplay

For fans of the hit anime series Death Note, Ryuk is an iconic character. His creepy look and devilish personality have made him a fan-favorite for cosplayers. Ryuk is the main antagonist of the popular manga and anime series Death Note. He is a Shinigami (“god of death”) who has been bored for centuries until … Read more

Misa Amane: Goth Lolita

misa amane costume

The Misa Amane costume is one of the most commonly worn cosplays from the manga and anime Death Note. Death Note is a popular franchise that follows the main character, Light Yagami. Light is a brilliant but otherwise ordinary high school student whose life gets shaken up when he finds a notebook called the Death Note. Writing in the Death Note will kill whoever’s name is printed there in a specified manner.

Light Yagami: The Genius Teen with The Death Note

light yagami costume

The Light Yagami costume is a popular choice for people on Halloween. He is universally loved as one of the most recognizable anime characters. He’s the protagonist of Death Note and has become one of the most recognizable anime characters in the last two decades. Light’s true thoughts represent a narcist who wants to outsmart the world’s best detectives and rid the world of evil.