Last-Minute Vector Costume Idea

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  1. Orange Sportswear Set
  2. Black Mushroom Hair Wig
  3. White Helmet
  4. Black Thick Square Glasses
  5. Dart Rotating Drum
  6. Adidas Superstar Shoes
  7. Scotch Duct Tape in Orange

Easy DIY Vector Costume Guide

Vector, originally named Victor Perkins, is the primary X antagonist in Despicable Me. Jason Segel voices the character in the movie. Vector aspires to be a villain and is the sole son of Mr. Perkins, the president of the Bank of Evil. Vector is brilliant, and he often invents something unconventional. He rose to fame after stealing the Great Pyramid of Giza.

To dress like Vector, you will need an Orange Sportswear Set with Adidas Superstar Shoes. Put on Black Mushroom Hair Wig and Black Thick Square Glasses to nail the image of nerdy. Finally, a dart-spinning drum and a white helmet with orange tape are needed to complete the look.

About Vector From Despicable Me

Vector is also a math genius and a scientist with big ambitions. He has extraordinary confidence, arrogance, and knowledge in many other fields. His vicious and brutal images, typical of bad guys, are absent. He has an image of childishness and humor and does not look severe but poses considerable danger.

He is known to have committed many crimes, including the theft of the Great Pyramid of Giza before the first film’s events. His theft damaged Gru‘s pride, prompting Gru to plan a Moon heist. Gru and Vector engage in a fierce chase.

Vector kidnaps the girls (Edith, Agnes and Margo), blackmailing Gru to surrender the Moon. The Moon’s expansion, guided by the Nefario Principle, disrupts Vector’s plans, causing chaos and freeing the girls. Stuck on the Moon, Vector, complaining about his defeat, activates an oxygen bubble.

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