Last-Minute Edith Costume Idea

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  1. Pink Stripe Sweater
  2. Pink Striped Hat with Ear Flaps
  3. Burgundy Tights
  4. Burgundy Skirt
  5. Snow Boots

Easy DIY Edith Costume Guide

Edith is the middle sister Felonious Gru adopted out of three sisters, Agnes and Margo, in the movie Despicable Me. Edith is voiced by Dana Gaier. Despite being a girl and wearing pink, she is indeed a tomboy character. Anything destructive, martial arts, and weapons are her favorites.

To dress like Edith, you will need a Pink Striped Hat with Ear Flaps. Then, get a Pink Stripe Sweater paired with a Burgundy Skirt to match the look. Finally, add a finishing touch with Burgundy Tights and Snow Boots.

About Edith from Despicable Me

Edith is nine years old and is an intelligent, strong-willed, and determined individual who loves adventure. She has a very active imagination, which often leads her into trouble.

Despite her mischievous nature, Edith has a kind heart and is shown to be very caring and affectionate towards the other Minions. She often brings them small gifts or surprises and always stands up for them when they are in trouble.

When Gru needs help with his plan to steal the moon, Edith eagerly joins in, quickly becoming an integral part of the team. She’s always willing to help out the other Minions and is usually the first one to volunteer for any mission.

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