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The Dr. Nefario costume comes from the movie Despicable Me. The famous actor, Russel Brand, lends his voice to the character.

He is a side character that plays an essential role in the main antagonist, Gru’s, life.

Dr. Nefario is thought to be the “gadget man” of the supervillain. He is a brilliant and evil scientist who creates weapons and items for Gru, such as the Big Blaster Cannon and the Freeze Ray.

Gru and Dr. Nefario are best friends, and together, they show their kindness and soft sides, adding complexity to both characters.

You’ll Need:

  1. Yellow Shirt
  2. White Lab Coat
  3. Red Plaid Pants
  4. Egg Head Conical Alien Skull
  5. Witch Costumes Nose
  6. Steampunk Goggles
  7. Black Gloves
  8. Black Superhero Boots

DIY Dr. Nefario Costume Guide

The Dr. Nefario is pretty simple to create due to its typical “mad scientist” look. The first thing you will need is a white lab coat.

Under the lab coat, you can wear a simple yellow shirt. This can be a t-shirt or a button-up, depending on what you prefer.

Pair the tops with a pair of red plaid pants to add some color and texture. On your feet, you can wear a pair of sturdy black boots.

Cover your hands with black gloves and fit a pair of steampunk goggles on your forehead.

Since Dr. Nefario has large ears, you can get a headband that will make your ears seem bigger with props. You can also replicate his unique facial features by getting a pointy nose prop to wear on your face.

Dr. Nefario Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Dr. Nefario Cosplay Costume

Dr. Nefario is a fun character to cosplay if you love the image of a mad scientist. He has a typically frazzled and “crazy” look that is entertaining to replicate.

If you want to make the costume more scientific, you can do so by carrying around scientific equipment, such as a beaker.

You can ask your friend to dress up as Gru. Then, you can have more friends dress up as some of Gru’s minions.

Dr. Nefario Costume

About Dr. Nefario from Despicable Me

Dr. Nefario is a side character in the movie, Despicable Me. He is a mad scientist who works hand in hand with Gru to create nefarious weapons and gadgets for him to use.

Two of his most popular inventions include the Freeze Ray and the Big Blaster Cannon.

Though both Gru and Dr. Nefario want to present themselves as evil, their friendship with each other proves otherwise. The two are best friends, and when they are together, it is obvious that they are good at their cores.

If you love Dr. Nefario, you can pay tribute to him in a Dr. Nefario costume. Follow the guide to get your Dr. Nefario costume ready for your next convention or Halloween party.

What is the most famous quote from Dr. Nefario?

1. “And here, of course, is the new weapon you ordered.”

2. “Oh, yes. cause I was wondering… under what circumstances would we use this?”

3. “We have to warn him, and FAST!”

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