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The Mantis costume is taken from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy 2. She is played by the actress Pom Klementieff.

Mantis comes into the story when the Avengers find themselves on Ego’s planet. Mantis is a highly emotionally intelligent creature who is able to feel the emotions of those around her.

Mantis also has the ability to put people to sleep. Her powers make her valuable to the god known as Ego, so he keeps her around with him.

When one of the Guardians, Peter Quill, learns that Ego is his father, the Guardians remain on his planet. It doesn’t take long before they realize that ego is evil.

When they do, Mantis trades her loyalty to the Avengers and helps them escape the planet.

She is a mild-mannered, meek, and quiet woman. Even so, she is powerful in her own right and proves to be a valuable addition to the Guardians.

You’ll Need:

  1. Green Turtleneck Shirt
  2. Black Open Front Draped
  3. Black Leggings
  4. Green Wig
  5. Green Fingerless Gloves
  6. Black Leather Boots

DIY Mantis Costume Guide

Regarding creating a mantis costume, you will first need a sleeveless green turtleneck. Over the turtleneck, you can layer a sleeveless dark green vest. By using fabric paint, you can apply the black lines on the vest to make it look more like hers.

Finish off the base of your ensemble with a pair of black leather leggings. Then top it off with a pair of black boots.

Mantis wears a pair of green fingerless gloves that you can replicate with some opera gloves of your own.

With that taken care of, you can get a medium-length dark blue and black wig. Then, get a pair of replica mantis antennae to wear on your head.

Mantis Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Mantis Costume Cosplay

The Mantis costume is a unique one that is sure to impress even the most experienced cosplayer. Part of what makes it unique is the antennae on her head, which she insists are “not for doorways” like Drax thinks.

Though Mantis is a new addition to the Guardians of the Galaxy, she is still a member of the team. Therefore, this costume will work best as part of a group cosplay. Have some other friends dress up as various members of the Guardians gang for the best results.

Mantis Costume

About Mantis

Mantis is an alien creature encountered by the Guardians of the Galaxy on Ego’s planet. Ego reveals himself to Peter Quill as his father, making him half-celestial.

While on the planet, the Guardians quickly learn that Ego is not as benign as he seems. Instead, he has nefarious plans for his son.

Mantis is a friend of Ego’s who helps him achieve emotional peace and fall asleep. She is an empath who can physically feel the emotions of anyone she touches.

We’ve given you steps to create your own Mantis costume in the article above. Following our guidance, you can get ready for your next Halloween costume or comic convention.

What is the most famous quote from Mantis?

1. “Smiling. I hear it is the thing to do to make people like you.”

2. “When I touch someone, I can feel their feelings.”

3. “You feel love!…No, Romantic, Sexual love…for her!”

4. “If I touch someone who is sad, I can ease them into contentment for a short while… “

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