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An Agnes Gru costume is a cute choice for lovers of the Despicable Me franchise. She is one of the main characters in the movie. Agnes Gru is one of the three daughters that was adopted by Lucy and Gru.

Agnes Gru has the naive and innocent personality of the youngest child. Because of her oblivious nature, she was excited to be adopted by Gru. At first, she had no way to know that he was a bad guy.

Agnes Gru is obsessed with unicorns in particular. She is almost always seen carrying around a stuffed unicorn, no matter what she’s doing.

Agnes doesn’t know that unicorns don’t exist, which makes her love for them even more charming. One day, she hopes to own her own unicorn.

You’ll Need:

  1. Overalls Pants
  2. Yellow Striped T-shirt
  3. Red Hair Scrunchie
  4. Agnes Wig
  5. White Velcro Sneakers
  6. Unicorn Stuff
  7. Yellow Socks

DIY Agnes Gru Costume Guide

The Agnes Gru costume is simple and casual.

It begins with a white and red striped t-shirt paired with overalls. Choose either long pants or shorts, depending on your preference.

Agnes Gru wears a pair of bright yellow socks to match her shirt. On her feet, she rocks a simple pair of white sneakers.

She has a unique and quirky hairstyle that you can get a wig for. Place a red scrunchie around the bun on the top of your head.

Because she loves unicorn dolls so much, so don’t forget to carry one with you.

Agnes Gru Cosplay Costume

Her adorable nature has won the hearts of fans of the movie. This has made Agnes Gru a popular character to cosplay.

This costume is a good choice for anyone who likes casual cosplays. The attire is so common that you could get away with it being a daytime cosplay as well.

The comfortable and simple nature of the attire also means that it is easy to put together. You likely already have some of the pieces in your wardrobe.

Have your friends participate in your cosplay by dressing like Gru, Minions, and Vector to add extra fun to the costume event.

Agnes Gru costume

About Agnes Gru

Agnes Gru is the youngest adopted daughter of Lucy and Gru. She is also the most naive and innocent, oblivious to many things in the world, especially good and evil.

Agnes was excited to be adopted by Gru, for instance, because she didn’t know that he was a villain.

Her naive nature also plays out in other ways. She loves unicorns and does not know that they aren’t real.

Agnes hopes to own her own unicorn one day. In the meantime, she satisfies her obsession with them by carrying around a stuffed unicorn doll wherever she goes.

Agnes Gru Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Agnes Gru?

1. “Oh, my gosh look at that fluffy unicorn!”

2. “He’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!”

3. “Why are you wearing your pajamas?”

4. “Like sleeping?”

5. “Will you read us a bedtime story?”

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