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A Johnny Bravo costume is sure to razzle-dazzle millennial cosplayers who grew up watching his very own show on Cartoon Network.

Johnny Bravo is the titular protagonist of the cartoon series. He is a shallow, boorish, and dim-witted man with an incorrigible inability to attract women.

These traits mean his looks amount to nothing. As such, he even gets beaten up by women or just others in general, becoming a running gag throughout the show.

This ill-mannered and inconsiderate beefcake is way too full of himself. He constantly checks mirrors for his reflection and even flexes his muscles in front of the opposite gender almost by reflex.

His simple but muscular look makes him a very iconic character, making him unforgettable to many. Regardless, this is one book not to be judged by the cover!

You’ll Need:

  1. Black Short Sleeve Tee
  2. Muscle Shirt
  3. Bright Blue Pants
  4. Yellow Foam Wig
  5. Black Sunglasses
  6. Portable Comb
  7. Black Shoes

DIY Johnny Bravo Costume Guide

Johnny instantly became a narcissist icon thanks to his over-the-top behavior.

This iconic ensemble makes him unique among other men and has made him a style icon that vintage lovers look up to when dressing up.

His popularity and vivid appearance make this cosplay a common one.

Get started with a plain black short-sleeve, tight-fit T-shirt. If you aren’t as muscular as Johnny is, a comfy muscle outfit is going to solve the issue.

Next, you’re going to need a pair of light blue denim pants that are not too baggy or too tight. Follow up with a pair of plain black men’s shoes or sneakers.

To signify his style, you need to acquire a pair of classy black sunglasses. Accompany this with a simple black portable comb that you can tuck in your pockets.

Finally, you must purchase a bright yellow retro pompadour wig to pull off Johnny’s iconic hairdo.

Johnny Bravo Intro | Halloween Costume Ideas

Johnny Cosplay Costume

With time, Johnny has become something of a narcissistic icon. His heavily emphasized hair and sunglasses are easily recognizable.

This is especially true for people who love vintage styles and clothing, as he dresses in a very mod style. At the same time, this is a fairly easy ensemble to pull off.

Why not try a Johnny Bravo group cosplay this Halloween for everyone’s enjoyment? Get your friends together and have them dress up as Little Suzy, Pops, and Carl Chryniszzswics for a real nostalgia rush.

Johnny Bravo Costume

About Johnny from Johnny Bravo

Johnny ends up finding a way to turn the conversation into one that talks about and focuses on him. This only alerts them to his narcissism.

All his hard work to make the ladies realize his positive traits only ends up exemplifying his naivety and faulty belief that he’s the ultimate chick magnet. What’s worse, their disinterest doesn’t faze him!

He has no sense of personal space either, but you’ve got to give him credit for his unyielding determination in these endeavors!

What is the most famous quote from Johnny Bravo?

1. “But enough about me… Let’s talk about me. What do you think of me?”

2. “Check the pects. Hoo-ha hooah!” 

3. “Enough about you, let’s talk about me, Johnny Bravo.”

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