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An ever-cool Papyrus Costume is sure to be a killer hit among gamer cosplayers who grew up playing  Undertale.

Papyrus is a major character in the Undertale game and the brother of Sans. He is also a mentor to Undyne and a friend of Flowey.

His primary motive is to somehow capture a human so that he can become a member of the Royal Guard. Doing so would finally grant him friends and popularity.

As a flamboyant skeleton who possesses a confident and charismatic image of himself, Papyrus is egotistical enough to refer to himself as “THE GREAT PAPYRUS”. Regardless, he is a hard worker.

This anatomically inaccurate skeleton may look like it’ll easily tumble, but Papyrus is an extremely worthy foe in battle. Do not underestimate him!

You’ll Need:

  1. Papyrus Mask
  2. White Crop Top T-Shirts
  3. Skeleton Bodysuit
  4. Jeans Shorts
  5. Red Gloves
  6. Red Scarf
  7. Red Boots
  8. Yellow Tape

DIY Papyrus Costume Guide

Papyrus instantly became popular thanks to his flashy skeletal look and flamboyantly over-the-top character from Undertale.

His popularity and colorful appearance make the Papyrus cosplay a fun one.

Beginning with the iconic part, papyrus is, first and foremost, a skeleton. So start by purchasing a full-body skeleton costume or a papyrus costume directly.

Next, you’re going to need a pair of bright red gloves that reach slightly above your wrists. Follow up with a pair of bright red knee-length boots or papyrus cosplay boots.

Purchase a comfy pair of dark blue denim shorts. While you’re at it, grab a bright red scarf to go around your neck.

Finally, you will need an Undertale Papyrus Mask to adorn your head and a few bright yellow bracelets or yellow tape to decorate the costume’s rims.

Papyrus Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Papyrus Cosplay Costume

With time, Papyrus has come to be iconic among gamers. With his eye-catching clothing and skeletal form, he is easily recognizable even to people who have never played the Undertale games.

This is especially true for people who love retro gaming styles and clothing, as he dresses memorably.

So why not try out an Undertale group cosplay this Halloween and scare the hell out of everyone you see? Get your friends to dress up as Sans, Undyne, and Flowey and bring them to every party!

Papyrus Costume

About Papyrus from Scooby Doo

In spite of his brash personality, Papyrus is a hard-working skeleton who has a kind heart. He is thoughtful and forgiving of the protagonist and is shown to be quite optimistic and brave.

He is not without his flaws, however, as he can be forgetful and unobservant at times. You can also count on him being crafty and even using reverse psychology to get things done.

Sometimes naive, but clearly not stupid, he is extremely brave, even in the face of death. As such, Papyrus chooses to believe in others as much as he believes in himself, backed up by a belief in his own abilities!

What is the most famous quote from Papyrus?

1. “Ah, yes, action figures, a great reference for thexoretical battle scenarios.”

2. “I thought undyne could be friends with you. But I guess… I overestimated her. She is just not up to the challenge.”

3. “Not a rock…? Oh no!!! by process of elimination!!! That means it’s a human!!!”

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