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Undertale Gaster Costume

About W. D. Gaster From Undertale Gaster’s story in “Undertale” follows a cryptic and mysterious narrative, with crucial information provided in Room 264 (room_gaster) in the True Lab. This room displays a Wingdings-translated message that appears to be the seventeenth lab entry. However, this entry has two versions, one attributed to Gaster and the other … Read more

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Papyrus Costume

An ever-cool Papyrus Costume is sure to be a killer hit among gamer cosplayers who grew up playing  Undertale. Papyrus is a major character in the Undertale game and the brother of Sans. He is also a mentor to Undyne and a friend of Flowey. His primary motive is to somehow capture a human so … Read more

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Undertale Undyne Costume

An Undyne costume from Undertale is sure to make a wave among cosplayers who grew up enjoying role-playing games. Undyne, also known as “StrongFish91” on the UnderNet, is a fish-like monster that gloriously leads the Royal Guard. She is the “Heroine that NEVER gives up.” She envelops herself in a full suit of armor as … Read more

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Sans Cosplay

A Sans costume is perfect for lovers of the indie game, Undertale. He is one of the main characters in the role-playing game series. In this game, he is one of many monsters living under planet Earth’s surface. It is set during a time after the monsters lost a war against humankind. Sans has a … Read more