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A Masters Caddy costume is sure to be a great point of attention among golf players and enthusiasts who enjoy anything having to do with golf.

Golf is a sport that demands precision and concentration. As such, a caddy is a must-have person who carries a player’s bag as well as his kit.

The Masters is a prestigious golf tournament that is held at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. Caddies are required to wear the iconic green caps and white boiler suits.

This extremely unique practice points to the old tradition where the host club would assign their own caddies to professional golfers.

A caddy’s role is quite important because he gives moral support and insightful advice to the player as well. The Masters Caddy look leaves quite an impression too!

You’ll Need:

  1. White Coveralls
  2. The Masters Green Cap
  3. Polarized Sports Sunglasses
  4. Green Iron-On Letters and Numbers
  5. Red Flag Golf Masters Iron on Patch
  6. Nike Running Shoes
  7. Golf Bag

DIY Masters Caddy Costume Guide

The Masters Caddy instantly became popular and rather iconic in the realms of golf because of the outfit.

The simple and neat ensemble makes them stand out among ordinary caddies and has become a style beloved by golf fans everywhere.

Their popularity and professional appearance make the Masters Caddy cosplay a common one.

The most noticeable part of the Masters Caddy outfit is the plain white boiler suit coveralls. This should be loose-fitting and spotless.

Next, you need to purchase The Masters Green Cap. You should also get a pair of plain black sunglasses to battle the sun outdoors.

Now procure some 3-inch green iron-on letters that go to their respective places on the uniform. Follow up with an Augusta Masters Iron-On Patch for proud display.

Finally, you need a pair of dark blue running shoes. As for the prop, a black golf bag is a must-have!

A Masters Caddy In His Own Words – The Masters | Halloween Costume Ideas

Masters Caddy Cosplay Costume

Over time, the Masters Caddy look has become a golf icon. This professional manner of dress and green cap are easily recognizable, even by people who have never played golf.

This is especially true among people who enjoy sports styles and clothing, as they dress in a simple fashion.

You can attempt a Masters Golf Group cosplay this Halloween. And grab your friends and get them to dress up as fellow Caddies and professional golf players from the Masters to go to any party with you!

Masters Caddy Costume

About Masters Caddy from Golf

Up until the year 1983, all players in the Masters needed to use the pristine services of an Augusta National Club caddy. By club tradition, this man was always an African-American.

The Club’s co-founder, Clifford Roberts, famously said, “As long as I’m alive, golfers will be white, and caddies will be black”.

Now, the Masters requires their caddies to wear this iconic uniform. The surname, and at times the first initial, of the player is seen on the back of this uniform.

The defending champion always receives caddy number “1”, while other golfers get their caddy numbers in the order in which they registered for the tournament.

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