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A Gwen costume is assured to be a smash hit among Gen Z cosplayers who enjoyed watching Total Drama Island.

Gwen was a camper and one of the finalists of Total Drama Island, all while being a member of the Screaming Gophers. Upon her return, she was a cast member on Total Drama Action.

She is the resident goth girl who is also a loner interested in art and astronomy. Smart, independent, kindhearted, and level-headed, she is proud of her inability to get excited over minor things.

While Gwen’s attitude may be very harsh and sarcastic from the onset, she is not a bitter person. It’s simply about being cautious about whom she lets into her life.

Her sharp, intimidating, and gothic appearance may scare off most, but her kind heart slowly learns to trust as time passes.

You’ll Need:

  1. Gwen Costume
  2. Short Bob Wig
  3. Olive Pantyhose
  4. Green Lipstick
  5. Black Lace-Up Knee High Boots

DIY Gwen Costume Guide

Gwen instantly became popular thanks to her iconic gothic look and badass personality on Total Drama Island.

Her dark and chic ensemble makes her stand out among other campers and has become a style icon that goth lovers look up to when dressing up.

Her popularity and cool appearance make the Gwen cosplay an enriching one.

Regarding the costume, we can get a Gwen (Total Drama Island) costume set, the more tight-fitting the better. This must include her top, skirt, and black choker.

Next, you need to procure some brown tights that go all the way around. Follow up with a badass pair of black biker boots that reach slightly below your knees.

You cannot cosplay Gwen without getting her hair right. So find yourself a dark green short bob wig on which you can create all her streaks.

Finally, you will need some dark green lipstick and makeup to complete the look.

Gwen (Total Drama Island) Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Gwen Cosplay Costume

Over the course of time, Gwen has become something of an icon of the gothic loner. Her badass way of dressing and her teal streaked hair are really recognizable.

This is especially true for people who enjoy gothic style and clothing, as she dresses in a chic style.

On top of that, why not organize a Total Drama Island group cosplay this Halloween to add to the fun? Get your friends to dress up as Chris McLean, Trent, Cody, and Heather and crash every party with you!

Gwen (Total Drama Island) Costume

About Gwen from Total Drama Island

Gwen’s tough exterior may drive most away, but she slowly lowers her guard as the series progresses. Her distaste for whatever “the sheep” like aside, she does wish to be welcomed by the popular crowd.

She had distanced herself from the Tri-Armed Triathlon because she firmly believed she did not belong there. She isn’t afraid to stand her ground when her reputation takes a hit, either.

Gwen strongly believes in karma and is a huge fan of horror movies, which sometimes even dictate how she handles challenges. She does suffer from claustrophobia, though!

In the end, hopefully, you can take a try at Gwen costume cosplay and have great fun.

What is the most famous quote from Gwen (Total Drama Island)?

1. “Okay, the kiss of the end of that road trip movie, you know, the one with the guy and the three girls.”

2. “I will even eat the grinds! Anything!”

3. “Okay, rule one: Dont go off on your own. “

4. “Rule two: if you do go off in your own, never go into the woods. “

5. “Rule three: If you do go into the woods, never ever make out in the woods, or you will die in the woods! Pause Where’s Izzy and Owen?”

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