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A Tom Nook costume is sure to be an endearing hit among Generation Z cosplayers and gamers who enjoy playing Animal Crossing.

Tom Nook is a Tanuki that plays the most important role in all of the beloved games. But Western versions tend to refer to him as a raccoon.

In all the games leading up to New Leaf, he is the irreplaceable manager of the Town Shop. Following the final expansion, Nookington’s, he will begin employing his “nephews”, Timmy and Tommy, on the second floor.

Nook is shown to have a keen interest in real estate, going so far as to open Nook’s Homes. He also acts as the head of Nook Incorporated in New Horizons.

As the esteemed leader of the island, he is both the task-giver and island upgrader. So don’t let this tanuki’s cute appearance fool you!

You’ll Need:

  1. Tom Nook Shirt
  2. Tom Nook Mask
  3. Bear Ears Headband
  4. Classic Fit Shorts
  5. Tom Nook Bell Bag
  6. Costume Tail

DIY Tom Nook Costume Guide

Tom Nook instantly became popular and iconic to gamers everywhere thanks to his distinct character from Animal Crossing.

This simple and colorful ensemble makes him stand out among other denizens and has become a style loved by cosplayers who prefer comfy but impactful costumes.

His cute appearance makes cosplay referring to him popular.

The most noticeable part of this outfit is his loose-fitting Shirt, so procure a Tom Nook Shirt ASAP. This is a collared short-sleeve White Shirt sporting a Turquoise colored leaf pattern.

Next, purchase a pair of plain Khaki Chino Walk Shorts. Follow up with a Dark Brown Furry Faux Tail for his Tanuki Tail.

Now you absolutely must obtain a Tom Nook Mask to bring out his character. Take it a step further by getting a pair of Dark Brown Faux Raccoon Ears. 

Finally, you have the option of taking an Animal Crossing Bell Bag as a colorful prop.

Tom Nook Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Tom Nook Cosplay Costume

Animal Crossing may have only become a global sensation in 2020, but Tom has already made his way into hearts as a Shopkeeper icon. His cute manner of dress and Tanuki features are easily recognized anywhere.

This is especially true among people who enjoy anthropomorphic animal styles and their simple clothing patterns.

Here’s an idea: Try out an Animal Crossing group cosplay this Halloween to really enhance the fun! Get your friends to cosplay as Blathers, K.K. Slider, Timmy and Tommy, Isabelle, and Mabel to really have the crowds in awe.

Tom Nook Costume

About Tom Nook from Animal Crossing

Tom Nook is a very work-driven individual who left his friends behind in order to travel to the big city. But his dreams are quickly shattered by the harsh realities there.

Upon his return to the player’s town, he sets up his store and gets into business. Regardless, his past friendship with Sable isn’t quite as strong as it used to be.

While some villagers believe Tom to be a man in a suit, we still do not know the actual truth. He also possesses a checkered past, even hinting at some illicit activities.

What is the most famous quote from Tom Nook?

1. “Today Is the First Day Of Your New Life On This Pristine, Lovely Island.”

2. “Nobody Will Know If You Just Nudge Stuff, though. Ho Ho!”

3. “I’ll Investigate These Orange-Like Items Growing in The Trees.”

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