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The Diane Nguyen costume comes from the Netflix animated series, Bojack Horseman. She is a Vietnamese-American woman who lives in Boston.

She is one of the main characters in the show and one of the only ones who are actually human. Considered to be a “misunderstood intellectual,” she is quite smart.

Diane Nguyen served as Bojack’s ghostwriter for his autobiography, so she knows the most about him. It makes her more patient than many of the other characters when it comes to his moods.

She is a feminist who is very active in her beliefs and makes them known when she can. Diane Nguyen has made a name for herself among fans of the show, with many citing her as their favorite.

If you’re a fan of Diane Nguyen, you can make your own Diane Nguyen costume to show it. In the article below, we will teach you how.

You’ll Need:

  1. Olive Crop Blazer
  2. White Cami Crop Top
  3. Black Glasses Frame
  4. Skinny Jean
  5. Temporary Hair Dye
  6. Black Belt
  7. Red Tape
  8. Black Boots

DIY Diane Nguyen Costume Guide

To begin Diane Nguyen’s very simple costume, you will first need to get a white cami crop top. Over the top, you can wear a green casual blazer to add some color.

Then, cut out two arrows from some red tape and attach them to the waist of the green blazer to match the look.

On her lower half, she wears a pair of light blue skinny jeans. Around her waist is a black belt that keeps the jeans in place. She finishes off that portion of her attire with a pair of black boots with small heels.

Diane Nguyen shows off her intellectual nature with a pair of black, square-framed glasses. She also has blue hair, so you will need to get a wig of this color, or use hair coloring cream to dye your hair like that.

Bojack Horseman – Diane Nguyen on marriage | Halloween Costume Ideas

Diane Nguyen Cosplay Costume

Diane Nguyen is a sympathetic character and is a known feminist, making her popular among fans of the show. If you love Diane Nguyen as a character, you can show it with a Diane Nguyen cosplay.

The Diane Nguyen cosplay is a fairly simple and straightforward one. She likes to stay comfortable and wear casual clothes.

Since this is true, you can expect to be just as comfy when dressing as a young woman. This also means that you may already have certain parts of her costume available in your wardrobe.

You can easily turn this Diane Nguyen costume into a group costume by having friends dress up as other characters in the show.  Such as Sarah Lynn, Todd Chavez, BoJack Horseman, Kelsey Jannings, Mr. Peanutbutter, and Princess Carolyn.

Diane Nguyen Costume

About Diane Nguyen from Bojack Horseman

Diane Nguyen is one of the main characters in the Netflix animated series, Bojack Horseman. She is a young Vietnamese-American woman who lives in Boston.

Diane Nguyen is rather close to Bojack. She is a brilliant writer, so she wrote his autobiography for him. In so doing, she became privy to his private life.

Knowing him so well makes it easy for Diane Nguyen to be more patient with Bojack when other characters struggle to.

What is the most famous quote from Diane Nguyen?

1. “Either You Know What You Want And Then You Don’t Get What You Want, Or You Get What You Want And Then You Don’t Know What You Want”

2. “Most People Don’t Even Get To Do The Brady Bunch Version Of The Thing They Want To Do With Their Lives”

3. “You’re Responsible For Your Own Happiness, You Know?”

4. “All Those Perky, Well-Adjusted People You See In Movies And TV Shows? I Don’t Think They Exist”

5. “You Learn That You Can Survive Being Alone”

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