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Do you want to dazzle everyone with a Flame Princess costume at your next cosplay event? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’re here to help you mimic her look with ease!

The Flame Princess, whose real name is Phoebe, is the current ruler of the Fire Kingdom and Finn’s ex-girlfriend. When Jake asked Flambo if he knew any princesses that were Finn’s age so that he could fix his broken heart, he introduced Jake to Flame Princess.

In my eyes, this flaming princess brings a unique and fiery energy to Adventure Time. Her struggles with controlling her intense emotions and finding her place in the world make her a complex and intriguing character for many.

Her relationship with Finn adds depth to the series as well, and her growth from a fiery antagonist to a more self-aware and understanding individual is both captivating and inspiring for us all.

You’ll Need:

  1. Orange Maxi
  2. Orange Wig
  3. Orange Body Paint
  4. Orange Plastic Gams

Flame Princess Costume DIY Guide

Let’s go through this fiery transformation one step at a time, so follow our Flame Princess Costume Guide to mimic her look easily.

Get started with a long, bright orange wig for her iconic hair. Follow up with an equally bright orange Maxi Dress for her royal drapes.

Cover up all your exposed skin with vivid orange body paint. Purchase a number of orange plastic gems to decorate the outfit while you’re at it.

Procure some fabric glue and red paint to do justice to all her signature patterns. With that, you’re pretty much set!

Flame Princess Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Flame Princess Cosplay Costume

The Flame Princess was initially locked away within a lantern in the main chamber of the Fire Kingdom. It was later revealed that her father, the Flame King, put her there on Princess Bubblegum’s advice when she was an infant, and she stayed there for 14 years.

Thus, her short temper, trust issues, and heat core, which can destroy the world if overblown with emotions, are fairly justified. Cosplay is about portraying the character, so perform these aspects right.

Embrace the princess within you and blow everyone away with this Phoebe costume. Luckily, this is a pretty simple ensemble you can put together in record time.

On that note, why not attempt an Adventure Time Group cosplay? Get your friends to dress up as the Flame King, Jake, Cinnamon Bun, Finn, and Princess Bubblegum to crash any party with you.

Flame Princess Costume

About Flame Princess From Adventure Time

We learned that she is the current Fire Elemental thanks to “Elemental”. Her short temper and volatile personality make her more akin to a ticking time bomb.

She usually has a calm demeanor, though, with rather frequent tendencies to sudden and violent mood swings. But in Finn’s eyes, she is simply passionate,” and she even has a sense of humor.

This girl boss is a benevolent ruler, someone who helps her citizens with their problems and tries to make them happy after she becomes the monarch of the Fire Kingdom.

What is the most famous quote from Flame Princess?

1. “ Stop Whispering!!”

2. “You! What’s Wrong With Me, Huh?! You Don’t Like Me?!”

3. “I’ve Heard This All Before.”

4. “You MEANIE!”

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