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If you are brave like Finn, Finn The Human Costume is the best choice for you to cosplay.

A fantasy adventure animated TV series from Cartoon Network called Adventure Time, featuring Finn the Human, tells the story of Finn Campbell Mertens as he explores the Land of Ooo and defeats evil forces.

Despite Finn’s hothead trait, he is a kind, brave, and selfless person.

Finn, with Jake as his best friend and adoptive brother, battles the evil threats and saves the innocents in the Land of Ooo. The Land of Ooo recognizes Finn for his good deeds.

You’ll Need:

  1. Blue Shirt
  2. Finn Hat
  3. Blue Shorts
  4. Finn Sword
  5. Finn Backpack
  6. Black Shoes
  7. Jake the Dog Plush

DIY Finn The Human Costume Guide

Start off the look with a Blue Shirt, Blue Shorts, and Black Shoes to get the classic Finn style.

The Finn Hat and Finn Backpack are a must-have to make your costume complete.

Match them up with a Finn Sword to really bring the character to life. Make sure to practice fighting poses with your sword for an added touch of authenticity.

For extra fun, add in a Jake the Dog Plush, and you’ll be ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

Finn The Human Costume Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Finn The Human Cosplay Costume

Getting dressed like Finn the Human will give you the edge you need to deal with the ghosts and monsters of Ooo. Whenever you go on an adventure, carry Finn’s bag and his epic sword so you can collect treasures.

Dress up as Adventure Time characters with some of your friends to take your Finn cosplay to the next level. The two Princess Bubblegums and Lumpy Space Princess will be a big hit at any convention or party. Make someone into Ice King, and you’ll get bonus points.

Finn The Human Costume

About Finn The Human

The Adventure Time animated series features Finn the Human as an adventurous character. He is brave, loyal, and kind-hearted, always looking out for his friends and trying to do what’s right.

Finn is constantly on an epic quest with his best friend Jake the Dog to save the world of Ooo from evil forces. He loves to explore, discover new places, and use his imagination.

He is also a skilled swordsman, having trained with magical powers and learned powerful fighting techniques to help protect himself and those he cares about.

Despite his heroic nature, Finn is also capable of making mistakes and getting into trouble, but he always finds a way out of it in the end.

No matter how difficult the situation gets, Finn never gives up and is determined to do what’s right. His adventurous spirit makes him one of the most beloved characters in Adventure Time, and his heroic deeds will always be remembered.

What is the most famous quote from Finn The Human?

1. “You just have to imagine that every bruise is a hickey from the universe. And everyone wants to get with the universe.”

2. “I say creepy is just another label we used to distance ourselves from stuff we don’t understand. Or that it reminds us of something in ourselves that we’re not comfortable with.”

3. “Some people just make the world a worse place to be in just by being around, Jake. That’s right, bad apples. ‘Lock ’em all up,’ I say. At the bottom of the ocean, where it’s too dark to see.”

4. “I never knew being fat and lazy was so rewarding!”

5. “You’re letting your brain dial turn your fear volume up.”

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