Last-Minute Arthur Costume Idea

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  1. Yellow Sweater
  2. White Dress Shirt
  3. Blue Jeans
  4. Ears
  5. Round Glasses
  6. Red Sneakers

Easy DIY Arthur Costume Guide

Arthur Timothy Read was born on May 25, 1988. He is the only son of Jane and David Read and the older brother of D.W. and Kate. Most know him as the titular protagonist of The Arthur television and book series. He is an 8-year-old aardvark living with his family and friends in Elwood City. I find him to be a relatable and endearing character who navigates the ups and downs of childhood with curiosity, kindness, and a love for learning.

To dress like Arthur, get started with a simple white dress shirt. Follow up with his signature yellow sweater on top. Next, wear a blue jeans. Complement it with a pair of red and white sneakers. Moving on, try to wear a pair of round glasses. Finally, you must purchase a cat ear headband to go with them!

About Arthur Read From The Arthur Series

Arthur is a mediocre pianist, but we have seen how he can genuinely play when motivated. It’s relatable how even he forgets to practice the piano at times. He is known for his athleticism, mediocre piano skills, high intelligence, and fourth-wall awareness.

He showcased average to well-developed capabilities in school most of the time but occasionally received help from the brain. He remained polite and friendly with everyone throughout most of the series. But he also breaks his promises to his parents sometimes, such as not touching the computer during his mother’s tax season, cleaning up his room, and practicing the piano! Things like this remind us of our childhood.

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