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  1. Albedo Full Costume
  2. Blonde Wig
  3. Albedo Cosplay Boots
  4. Albedo Cosplay Sword

Easy DIY Albedo Costume Guide

Albedo is one of the most pivotal characters from Mondstadt in the game Genshin Impact. He is a sword-wielding geo character who plays the role of a competent support unit. Lore-wise, Albedo is a synthetic human created by the infamous alchemist Rhinedottir from Khaenri’ah. He is the Chief Alchemist and Captain of the Knights of Favonius Investigation Team. Albedo is more of an introverted and reclusive person who is not very fond of social interactions and thus rarely spends time in the city. He prefers to spend time in places like Dragonspine, which he frequently draws as a pastime. He does show interest and fascination in other people, though, particularly for the Traveller.

To dress like Albedo, wear a full Albedo costume and Albedo cosplay boots. Wear a slightly messy blonde wig and carry an Albedo Cosplay Sword as your weapon.

About Albedo From Genshin Impact

We often see Albedo during events involving some social setting, helping people however he can. However, he finds relationships stressful and tiresome because of the effort needed to maintain them.

He is Klee’s older brother figure, often seen babysitting her. That said, the feeling of enlightenment fuels him, and he is constantly researching things that pique his interest, but he loses all interest once he has the answers. While the people of Mondstadt don’t know anything about his personal life, and he is particularly secretive about it, he is pretty open with the Traveller. He is dangerous due to his knowledge of the Art of Khemia.

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