Last-Minute Kaeya Costume Idea

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  1. Kaeya Full Costume
  2. Blue Ponytail Wig and Cap
  3. Blue Hook Earring
  4. Halloween Eye Patches
  5. Brown Knee High Boot

Easy DIY Kaeya Costume Guide

Kaeya is one of the first few characters we meet in the game Genshin Impact. We received him as a F2P cryo unit and sword user when starting our journey across Teyvat. He is the excellent cavalry captain of the Knights of Favonius in the region of Mondstadt and is held in high regard. The people seem to love him despite his many eccentricities and secrets. Kaeya is outwardly confident and charming, often flaunting a flair for drama. Sometimes, He can seem overly laid-back and lazy, but he takes his work very seriously. His charisma and determination have earned him much admiration, respect, and favor from many, but his love of provoking others has also earned him some exasperation from certain people.

To dress like Kaeya, wear a full Kaeya costume, brown knee-high boots, and a blue ponytail wig and cap. Wear a blue hook earring and Halloween eye patches.

About Kaeya From Genshin Impact

Kaeya is super popular among older people of Mondstadt, dubbed the “top candidate for grandson-in-law” in the city. Unfortunately, he enjoys putting people into high-stress situations, challenging their values, friend or foe. He is also well known for telling bald-faced lies and manipulating others into doing his work. This self-proclaimed “anti-hero with an attitude problem” is willing to get his hands dirty to get things done.

While Kaeya appears highly extroverted, he struggles with loneliness inside. He is a charmer who is excellent with words, drawing the attention of many women to him, but he seems to enjoy the Traveller’s company the most.

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