Last-Minute Mona Costume Idea

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  1. Mona Full Costume
  2. Purple Pigtail Wig
  3. Mona Golden Shoes

Easy DIY Mona Costume Guide

Astrologist Mona Megistus is a playable unit in Genshin Impact, available since Version 1.0. She is a catalyst user blessed by hydro, capable of splashing her way through the battlefield. She is an astrologer of knowledgeable skill and high pride who settled down in Mondstadt to avoid suffering the wrath of her master after having read her diary. Mona takes her passion very seriously and can combine astrology skills with hydromancy, allowing her to tell whether or not people are lying. She is also adept at sensing peoples’ intentions from a single glance.

To dress like Mona, wear a full Mona costume and Mona Cosplay Golden Shoes. Then, wear a dark purple pigtail wig.

About Mona From Genshin Impact

Mona has the outstanding ability to see people’s fates and can accurately deduce their traits after learning what their constellation is. This is a by-product of her obsession with astrology. As proud as she is, she is careless with money because she spends mindlessly on astrology-related materials. This leaves her constantly low on Mora, making it hard to meet her daily needs.

She is very picky regarding food but is also good at making the most of whatever she can afford. Whatever you do, do not disrespect her or her profession because she is very defensive about them!

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