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So you’re looking to astound everyone with a Ziggy Berman costume at your next cosplay event? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’re here to help you!

As you already know, Christine “Ziggy” Berman is one of the beloved protagonists from the Netflix dark horror film Fear Street. She is portrayed by none other than the talented Sadie Sink.

She is a very central character in the second installment of the trilogy, “Fear Street Part Two: 1978.” She is part of the Camp Nightwing setting in 1978, where a series of brutal killings occur.

If you’re a dedicated fan of the blood-curdling trilogy, you probably want to be the best Ziggy Berman you could ever be. So let us guide you through this!

You’ll Need:

  1. Multicolored Top
  2. Red Wig
  3. High Waist Shorts
  4. Fake Blood
  5. Blue Socks
  6. White Sneakers
  7. Bandage

Ziggy Berman Costume DIY Guide

Let’s go through this memorable transformation one step at a time, so follow our Ziggy Costume Guide to mimic her iconic look with ease.

Get started with a strappy crop top with a horizontal stripe print. These should ideally come with black rims.

Next up, find yourself a pair of brown high-waist cuffed corduroy shorts to go with the top. You need to feel comfortable in this combo!

Now procure a copper-red long wavy wig to mimic her hair. Remember that she has soft curls that extend around her elbows.

Moving on, purchase a pair of turquoise socks. Over these go her pair of white Nike tennis shoes that look like they’ve been through hell!

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Ziggy Berman Costume

We all remember Ziggy as a resilient and courageous young woman. She faces challenging circumstances throughout the film but remains determined to survive and protect those she cares about.

She also has a strong sense of justice and is willing to stand up against the antagonist, despite the danger it puts her in. What’s not to like about this badass gal?

So let go of your fears and amaze everyone with this Ziggy costume. Luckily, this is a pretty simple ensemble you can put together in record time.

Why not attempt a Fear Street Group cosplay to make the most of the event? Get your friends to dress up as Cindy Berman, Tommy Slater, Nick Goode, and Nurse Lane to crash any party with you.

Ziggy Berman Costume

About Ziggy Berman From Fear Street

Ziggy’s character plays a crucial role in uncovering the mysteries surrounding the events at Camp Nightwing in 1978. Her resilience, bravery, and determination in the face of supernatural horrors are truly something else.

Her character arc involves confronting not only supernatural threats but also interpersonal conflicts and the prejudices and tensions within the camp. This is what makes her truly iconic.

Her mere presence adds depth to the film’s exploration of fear, survival, and the consequences of past actions across different generations. This series just wouldn’t be the same without her!

What is the most famous quote from ziggy berman?

1“No One Gets Out Of This Town, Not Even Miss Perfect.”

2.“My Sister’s In The Toilet.” 

3.“I’m Out? They Just Tried To Murder Me!” 

 4.“And Most Days, I Wish I Had Stayed Dead.”

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