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Easy DIY Yae Miko Cosplay Guide

Miko is a stunning kitune of many facets and overseer of the Grand Narukami Shrine in the action role-playing game Genshin Impact. She also owns the Yae Publishing House and is both Eternity’s servant and friend. Hailing from the Inazuma region, Yae Miko functions as a catalyst-wielding Electro unit in battle. Her movements are graceful and refined, but her damage is shockingly high. Unimaginable levels of intelligence and cunning are well hidden beneath her beautiful appearance. She is an enigma to most people, but her mischievousness is known to torment many, and she is an extremely powerful Youkai you don’t want to mess with!

To dress like Yae Miko, wear a full Yae Miko costume set and Yae Miko cosplay shoes. Wear a long light pink wig with Yae Miko-themed ear-stud earrings with all the details, a Yae Miko headwear piece, and her necklace. Finally, carry a catalyst weapon prop.

About Yae Miko From Genshin Impact

Miko has quite a mysterious demeanor when assuming her duties as the Guuji of the Grand Narukami Shrine. But as the boss of the Yae Publishing House, she is very kind and enjoys reading. In the company of her close friends, she can be very blunt and cynical too. She is not the type to mince words, not even towards the Electro Archon!
Her predominant mischievousness is fueled by her skills at manipulation and reading people. As such, her tricks and pranks are elaborate, long-winded affairs from which she derives much enjoyment.

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