Last-Minute Portland Costume Idea

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  1. Light Blue Zip Up Hoodies
  2. Black Triangle Bikini
  3. Knee High Socks
  4. Black Pleated Skirt
  5. Leg Garter Belt
  6. Light Purple Wig
  7. White Mary Jane Shoes

Easy DIY Portland Cosplay Guide

Portland is a character hailing from the game Azur Lane. She is a Heavy Cruiser from Eagle Union and is part of the Portland class. This character debuted in the XP4 Heroes Coalition, Azur Lane, where she is a member of the Heroes Coalition and part of the Azur Lane Fleet. She is also shown attending the Vanguard Academy as a student. She is based on the World War II heavy cruiser USS Portland and is known for her strong personality and sisterly relationship with her fellow shipgirl, Indianapolis. Her cute Loli appearance gives the impression that she isn’t a big deal in battle. But she excels at dealing heavy damage to enemy ships while possessing strong firepower and decent defensive capabilities.

To dress like Portland, wear a Black Bikini Top with a White Star, a Black Pleated Short Skirt, a Light Blue zip-up hoodie, Knee-High White Socks, a Mary Jane Shoes and complement a Leg Garter Belt. Wear a light purple wig tied into a very long, thin Side Ponytail.

About Portland From Azur Lane

Portland is a character with many quirks, despite being annoying on occasion. Indy even admits that she’s willing to give Portland anything she needs, just as she would do for herself, and considers Portland far more stylish than herself. During the intro to the third mission of The Solomon Ranger, we see Portland legitimately worrying about whether Indy is taking care of herself and if she’ll get bullied due to her quiet nature.

Portland is shown to be confident, outgoing, cheerful, mischievous, full of energy, and prone to teasing others. Even so, she has a strong sense of justice and is fiercely protective of her friends.

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