Last-Mintue Beth Dutton Costume Idea

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  1. Leopard Coat
  2. Black Short Dress
  3. Stockings
  4. Blonde Wig
  5. Black Arm Sleeves
  6. Fake Cigarettes
  7. High Heels

Easy DIY Beth Dutton Costume Guide

Bethany ‘Beth’ Dutton-Wheeler, played by Kelly Reilly, is the memorable main character of the Yellowstone series. She is the daughter of John Dutton and a former major player at Schwartz & Meyer, one of Montana’s leading banks. Fans remember her as a cutthroat Businesswoman. While she lost her job when the bank’s shareholders demanded her removal, she is someone who will do anything to protect her family’s land and reputation. Even so, she showed no interest in ranch life.

To dress like Beth Dutton, wear a short black dress, a stylish Leopard Coat, Black Stockings, and High Heels. Wear a Blonde Wig and a cigarette as a prop.

About Beth Dutton from Yellowstone

Beth is an increasingly complex and multifaceted character. She is both intelligent and sharp-witted, capable of quickly analyzing situations, making strategic decisions, and engaging in intellectual banter. This lady is also fearless and bold, totally unafraid to speak her mind and confront challenges head-on. This is further enhanced by how she is not easily intimidated by powerful or influential individuals.

On the other hand, she is fiercely protective of her family, particularly her brothers. Beneath her strong facade is a vulnerable and emotionally complex person constantly struggling with deep-seated emotional pain. So don’t tough it out too much!

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