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You’ll Need:

  1. Kujou Sara Costume
  2. Kujou Sara wig
  3. Kujou Sara Cosplay Mask
  4. Kujou Sara Cosplay Shoes

DIY Kujou Sara Cosplay Guide

Kujou Sara is a thundering hit in Genshin Impact. Sara is a Tengu, the adopted daughter of the Kujou Clan of the Tenryou Commission. She is well known in the region of Inazuma for her dexterity. She is extremely loyal to both her clan and the Raiden Shogun, carrying out her orders to the letter. To this end, she is unwavering and righteous. As a playable unit, Sara is proficient with the bow and arrow electro-vision. She functions mainly as an electronic buffer. Her badass and stunning appearance say a lot about her position and fighting prowess. Even so, she is a reasonable person who stands for what is right.

To dress like Kujou Sara, wear a full Kujou Sara costume and Kujou Sara cosplay shoes. Wear a Kujou Sara cosplay mask and carry a bow weapon prop.

About Kujou Sara From Genshin Impact

Sara’s biggest trait is how she is immensely loyal to the Shogun and works tirelessly to create the eternity her superiors envision. To this end, she can be perceived as ruthless and stern, but efficient. Her unending devotion and her honorable conduct have earned her the respect of those under her command. Even so, she prefers to do everything herself whenever possible.
Sara is a person who despises dishonorable conduct and betrayal of the Shogun’s will. On the other hand, while she appreciates her adoptive parents, she expresses a deep sense of loneliness.

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