Last-Minute Arataki Itto Costume Idea

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  1. Arataki Itto Cosplay Costume
  2. Arataki Itto Cosplay Wig
  3. Arataki Itto Earrings
  4. Arataki Itto Red Horn
  5. Arataki Itto Cosplay Boots
  6. Red Face-Body Paint
  7. Arataki Itto Cosplay Weapon

Easy DIY Arataki Itto Cosplay Guide

Arataki Itto is a bonkers hit in Genshin Impact and is one of the most memorable characters from the Inazuma region of the game. He is a loud and proud descendant of the Crimson Oni, as well as the leader and founder of the Arataki Gang. This man is anything but a villain, but his reputation as a delinquent in the city raises many questions. All in all, he is a good-natured extrovert who loves a fun time. As a playable unit, he is a Claymore wielder blessed with vision. He is as fast as the wind and mighty as thunder, bringing action wherever he goes. His rowdy Oni appearance can be quite deceiving, but this is one bull you shouldn’t mess with!

To dress like Arataki Itto, wear a full Arataki Itto cosplay costume and Arataki Itto cosplay boots. Wear an Arataki Itto cosplay wig, black earrings, and Arataki Itto red horns. Finally, carry an Arataki Itto cosplay weapon.

About Arataki Itto From Genshin Impact

On the outside, Itto appears mean and overbearing but is a kind soul at heart. He does, however, always try to pick a fight with Kujou Sara at every possible turn. He isn’t that intelligent, but he can put in the effort when necessary. Because of this, he is well respected by his gang and generally liked by the people, especially children.

Regardless, his harmless antics and pranks put him at odds with the Tenryou Commission daily. He also takes great pride in his Oni heritage and isn’t a fan of discrimination in any way, seeking to fit in and get along with others at all times.

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