Tengen Uzui Cosplay

Tengen Uzui Cosplay

Tengen Uzui Cosplay and his character in the anime enjoy equal love worldwide. The fact that he is the Sound Hashira makes him even more popular. He is a muscular man, and his broad shoulders add to his existing charm. Because of his flashy attitude, it’s very easy for him to steal the spotlight. For … Read more

Sephiroth (Final Fantasy) Costume

Sephiroth Costume

A Sephiroth costume will surely blow the minds of everyone who played Final Fantasy and many more! He is, after all, the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake, as well as a primary antagonist in the extended universe. This badass is even depicted as Cloud Strife’s archenemy, on occasion, as … Read more

Storm: Brave X-Men Member

storm costume

Storm is a capable, powerful, and brave member of the X-Men team. Her real name is Ororo. She adopted the alias after she began to work for Professor X. Storm would go on to become a teacher at Xavier’s institute. Here, she imparted her skill and knowledge to the students there.

Danny Fenton and Sam Manson: Ghost Boy and Goth Girl

Sam Danny Phantom costume

Sam Danny Phantom costumes are all the rage right now! The Nickelodeon cartoon Danny Phantom originally aired from 2004 to 2007. Nearly 20 years later, people still gush over how fantastic this show was. Ghost hunting, secret identities, wacky hijinks, an incredibly catchy theme song, what more could you ask for? There’s no need to search “Sam Danny Phantom costume” anymore because you’ve come to the right place. Read on below to see how to dress like this couple!