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So you’re looking to amaze everyone with a Violet Harmon Outfits at your next cosplay event? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’re here to help you nail her look!

As you already know, Violet Harmon is a fictional character from the television series “American Horror Story”. She is featured prominently in the show’s first season, titled “American Horror Story: Murder House.”

She is a complex and important character in the series and is portrayed by actress Taissa Farmiga. She moves with her family into the “Murder House,” a haunted residence in Los Angeles, as a teenager.

If you’re a big fan of the series, you probably want to do the best Violet cosplay possible. So allow us to guide you through the enjoyable process!

You’ll Need:

  1. Floral Dress
  2. Mustard Color Sweater
  3. Blonde Wig
  4. Oxford Shoes
  5. Brown Hat

Violet Harmon Outfits DIY Guide

Let’s go through this unforgettable transformation one step at a time, so follow our Violet Harmon Outfits Guide to mimic her look with ease.

Get started with a women’s long floral flowy dress.

Next, you’ll need a women’s winter long-sleeve cardigan. It should ideally be an open-front, lightweight, soft-knit sweater that is mustard yellow in color.

Moving on, you can procure an ash-blonde bob wig that is parted sideways. It should be around shoulder-length and as natural-looking as possible, because Violet’s style is simple yet impactful.

Finally, you need a Women’s Classic Wide-brim Brown Hat; it’s best if this is a Floppy Panama Hat with a simple Black Belt Buckle. Feel free to throw on oxford footwear of your choice.

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Violet Harmon Outfits

Violet is portrayed as an intelligent, sensitive, and introspective young woman. As such, she often grapples with feelings of isolation and alienation.

She also tends to be introverted and struggles to connect with her family and peers, an aspect most of us can relate to. This doesn’t stop her from being deeply empathetic, though, as she often seeks to understand the pain and suffering of others.

So get ready to astound everyone with this nostalgic look from the past. Luckily for you, this is a pretty simple ensemble you can put together in no time.

On that note, why not attempt an American Horror Story Group cosplay? Get your friends to dress up as Tate Langdon, Leah, Ben Harmon, Vivien Harmon, and Constance Langdon to crash any party with you.

Violet Harmon Outfits

About Violet Harmon From American Horror Story

Violet is a very resilient character, showcasing her determination and willpower during numerous challenges within the “Murder House”. The recurring theme of her sense of isolation and feelings of being an outsider make her all the more relatable.

Her family moved into the “Murder House” at the start of the series, unaware of its dark history and supernatural nature. But Violet becomes increasingly aware of the house’s malevolent spirits and paranormal occurrences soon enough.

Throughout the series, we see her form a romantic relationship with Tate Langdon, a troubled young man. She also develops a close friendship with her neighbor, Leah. With them, she overcomes many challenges and is a thrill to watch!

What is the most famous quote from violet harmon?

1. “I Love You, Tate. But I Can’t Forgive You.”

2. “t’s Not Utube With A U. It’s Youtube. Y-o-u.”

3. “Tate? I Haven’t Seen Him In Weeks!”

4. “I Used To Think You Were Like Me. You Were Attracted To The Darkness. But, Tate You Are The Darkness.”

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