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Videl Cosplay is very popular among Dragon Ball fans. Fans love cosplaying her because of her entertaining character throughout the anime. Being the mother of Pan, the wife of Gohan, and the daughter of Mr. Satan has earned her fame.

Videl is a smart and sharp individual who knows how to get what she wants. After learning that Gohan is a Super Saiyan, she left no chance to manipulate him.

Therefore, the poor boy had to follow her orders to keep his identity a secret. Their cute banter led them to develop feelings for each other.

Her love chemistry with Gohan has a separate fandom. Watching the lovebirds together is no less than a visual treat. Videl is a smart, strict, and stubborn girl who is hard to stop once she decides something.

You’ll Need:

  1. Videl Costume
  2. Videl Wig
  3. Yellow Scrunchies
  4. Women Biker Shorts
  5. Purple Socks
  6. Videl Shoes

Videl Cosplay DIY Guide

If you want to look comfortable yet bold, you should get a Videl Cosplay Costume. It’s an easy-to-get look, as you might already have the pieces in your wardrobe.

Let’s get started with our easy-to-follow Videl Cosplay Costume DIY Guide!

Videl’s Cosplay costume consists of a white T-shirt, black shorts, and green shoes. Videl keeps her hair tied in two ponytails, so get a yellow scrunchie and style your hair.

If your hair is not similar to hers, you can use a black wig, and there you go! It’s done! Now step into a Dragon Ball Cosplay Festival and look for Pan and Gohan to get a family picture.

Videl Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Videl Cosplay Costume

Videl cosplay is the first choice of everyone who likes a comfy, cool, and a bit tomboyish look. If you are a fan of Videl and prefer a simple and confident look, then don’t think twice about getting a Videl cosplay costume.

You don’t need to put on a lot of makeup or effort to get this look. However, to carry the look at its best, you must have a perfect body stance and expression. Otherwise, you may look a bit off!

Videl Cosplay

About Videl From Dragon Ball

Videl from Dragon Ball enjoys supreme love and respect in the otaku community. She was naturally talented and exceptional in martial arts, even at a young age. Videl was introduced as an ordinary girl, but thanks to Gohan, who trained this fierce lady,

She was good at martial arts already, but the training tamed her well. With time, she learned to fly and could do basic self-defense.

Akira sensei created her as a strong and fearless girl who even makes Gohan tremble. Her character is very similar to Chi Chi, making her an exciting personality.

Her character has an important role in the anime and has been seen taking part in important events. Thanks to her, Pan’s character also enjoys a massive fandom.

What is the most famous quote from Videl?

1. “Here I Go!”

2. “I Won’t Lose!”

3. “You’re Not Getting Past Me!”

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