Eri Costume

Eri Costume

An Eri costume is sure to be a spectacular hit among Anime cosplayers who enjoy watching Boku no Hero Academia’s heroics. Eri is the granddaughter of Shie Hassaikai’s boss, and she has a very peculiar Quirk Rewind. As such, she was the key source of Kai Chisaki’s Quirk-Destroying Drug operations. Following her rescue, she has … Read more

Mount Lady Cosplay

Mount Lady Cosplay

The Mount Lady costume is an excellent choice for fans of the anime series, My Hero Academia. She is a dynamic character who is well-loved by fans. Mount Lady has a strong personality. She is a powerful and outgoing hero who uses her charm to her advantage. Some people don’t find her all that charming, … Read more

Froppy Costume

Froppy Costume

A Froppy Costume is sure to make one hell of a splash amongst Gen Z cosplayers who grew up with the New Big 3, including My Hero Academia. Tsuyu Asui, hero-name “Froppy”, is one of the supporting characters from My Hero Academia. She is a diligent student in Class 1-A based at U.A. High School. … Read more

All Might (My Hero Academia) Cosplay

All Might Cosplay

Fans of My Hero Academia will love the All Might costume. All Might, whose real name is Toshinori Yagi, is one of the recurring characters in the My Hero Academia during the Hideout Raid Arc. All Might holds the title of the World Symbol of Peace and is the former number-one professional hero. Today, he … Read more

Toga (My Hero Academia) Cosplay

Toga Cosplay

Wearing a Toga costume is a great way to show your love for My Hero Academia. My Hero Academia is an anime series that follows the story of some superheroes. In the anime, people are born with “Quirks.” The main character, Izuku Midoriya, was not born with any. This makes dealing with the villains in … Read more

Dabi (My Hero Academia) Cosplay

dabi cosplay

When it comes to the villains of the My Hero Academia anime, Dabi stands head and shoulders above the others. In addition to being a leader in the Vanguard Action Squad, he is also one of the squad’s most formidable members.

He is the Pro Hero Endeavor’s eldest kid. He went crazy as a result of his father’s negligence and eventually became evil.

Dabi joined the League of Villains, serving first as a member of the Vanguard Action Squad before its dissolution and then as one of the PLF’s nine lieutenants.

His ability to generate blue flames and fend off attacks by burning them away and enclosing his enemies in massive firewalls. It won’t take long for him to wipe out an entire opposing army using his skills.

Mina Ashido (My Hero Academia) Costume

mina ashido hero costume

A Mina Ashido Hero costume is one that is impossible to mistake with its vibrant and quirky appearance.

Mina Ashido is one of the characters in My Hero Academia, a popular Japanese anime series. She is a student at U.A High School and is better known by her classmates simply by the name “Pinky.”

Mina Ashido is capable of controlling corrosive liquid such as acid. She is capable of altering the texture and strength of it so long as her skin remains resistant to it.