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A Sanji costume is sure to hit the jackpot among millennial cosplayers who grew up watching One Piece.

“Black Leg” Sanji, also known as Vinsmoke Sanji, is the irreplaceable cook of the Straw Hat Pirate Crew as well as one of the Senior Officers of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

This man is the fifth member of the crew and the fourth one to join at the end of the Baratie Arc. His life’s dream is to find the supposed chef’s paradise, All Blue.

Alongside Luffy and Zoro, Sanji is one of the top three fighters of the Straw Hats, making up the Monster Trio. This is thanks to his great strength and exponential growth compared to his crewmates.

Despite not possessing any special weapons or Devil Fruit powers, he is a seasoned master of the Black Leg Style. His prowess relies solely on dynamic and well-coordinated kicks.

You’ll Need:

  1. Sanji Cosplay Costume
  2. Yellow Dress Shirt
  3. Sanji Wig
  4. Blue Dress Shoes
  5. Fake Cigarettes
  6. Black Eyebrow Pencil

DIY Sanji Costume Guide

Sanji instantly became quite the popular and iconic character due to his unforgettable personality and attire in One Piece.

This monochrome and stylish ensemble makes him stand out among other pirates and has become a favorite style for most cosplayers.

The most noticeable part of Sanji’s outfit is his black double-breasted formal tuxedo. This includes the coat and pants, which must be spotless and wrinkle-free.

Next, you need a dark yellow regular-fit dress shirt. Pair this up with a brown regular shirt tie, a bit loose around the neck.

You must then acquire a pair of plain black leather-lined dress shoes. Follow up with a bright yellow short-hair cosplay wig for the hair.

Finally, you will want to get a waterproof eyebrow pencil to draw on his iconic eyebrows and facial hair. While props are optional, a pack of fake cigarettes certainly won’t hurt!

Sanji Eye Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Sanji Cosplay Costume

Over time, Sanji has become something of a pirate/chef icon. His sharp manner of dress and spiral eyebrows are easily recognizable, even by people who have never watched One Piece.

This is especially true among people who enjoy businessmen’s styles and clothing, as he dresses in a classy manner.

Embrace the Pirate and Culinary Master within you as he does and nail this Sanji cosplay! Fortunately, it is a fairly easy ensemble made from simple pieces that can be pieced together in record time.

Why not try a One Piece group cosplay this Halloween to enhance the fun? Get your friends to dress up as Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Robin to stand out as the legendary Pirate Crew!

Sanji Costume

About Sanji from One Piece

Sanji was born as the third son and fourth child of the Vinsmoke Family, making him a former prince of the Germa Kingdom. After being disowned, he became the chef of the Baratie under Zeff’s care.

His most unforgettable characteristic is how extremely amorous he is. Sanji is constantly seen flirting with any attractive woman in sight and doesn’t even try to hide his attraction for his crewmates, Nami and Robin.

However, Sanji’s most noticeable traits are that he is kind, calm, cool, and collected in the manner in which he carries himself. He is almost always composed and very rarely acts without thinking.

What is the most famous quote from Sanji?

1. “I heard the sound of a woman’s tears falling.”

2. “Hey, Moss Head! You gotta stay with me! I don’t want you getting lost.”

3. “That’s a tradition from the dinosaur’s age.”