Last-Minute Red Hood Costume Idea

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  1. Red Hood Jacket and Vest
  2. Black Tactical Pants
  3. Red Hood Mask
  4. Black Tactical Gloves
  5. Black Boots
  6. Airsoft Gun
  7. Shin Guard Armor
  8. Leg Thigh Holster
  9. Tactical Belt

Easy DIY Red Hood Costume Guide

Red Hood, known as Jason Todd, in the movie Batman: Arkham Knight, voiced by Troy Baker. He is Batman‘s sidekick who helped the Dark Knight defeat the Scarecrow, one of the villains in the Batman stories in the DC universe. Red Hood is an orphan turned vigilante under the mentorship of Batman. Red Hood has been depicted to continue the fight against anti-corruption, gang violence, and illegal activities in Gotham in an equally violent and anti-hero way.

To dress like a Red Hood, you will need a Red Hood jacket and vest paired with tactical pants, belts, boots, and Gloves. Then, equip yourself with shin guards and holsters to hold a pistol prop on both the left and right leg. Next, wear the Red Hood mask to maintain a signature appearance and look.

About Red Hood From Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman caught Red Hood for thievery as he wanted to steal the tires of the Batmobile and other petty crimes. Batman took him under his wing instead of putting him in jail as he felt pity for him. Red Hood has turned out to be arrogant, mean-spirited, and ruthless. Despite this, he saved Batman from the villain DeaconBlackfire.

The Joker killed him, but after he was resurrected and found that Batman had not avenged him, he grew in hatred from this pain. He has sworn to clean up the city of Gotham and kill the Joker himself in ways that Batman cannot do or avoid, as it is against his principles.

Red Hood has brought another brand of justice through a more lethal, ruthless, and brutal manner that the people deem villainous. Still, it is just his way of dealing with the injustices in his city and experiences, not because he wants to hurt innocent people in Gotham.

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