Coraline: A Feisty & Ever-Curious Adventurer

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The Coraline costume can take the wearer into a dark realm filled. There are more unusual characters than most, yet creative and enticing to the public. Coraline Jones is an 11-year-old girl hailing from Pontiac, Michigan. She settled with her parents at the Pink Palace apartment in Ashland, Oregon. And here found the mysterious door…

You’ll Need:

  1. Yellow Raincoat
  2. Plaid High Waist Skirt
  3. Blue Short Wig
  4. Coraline Key Necklace Chain
  5. Yellow Rain Boots
  6. Extra Long Striped Socks
  7. Leather Messenger Bag
  8. Dragonflies Hair Clip

DIY Coraline Costume Guide

Coraline discovers the other dimension. She encounters doppelgangers and weird versions of her mother and father existing there. Their looks begin to be distinct and perfectly frightful, which blends well into this alternate dark reality. Through the Coraline costume, the characters in the alternate dimension seen in the movie can come alive right before anyone’s black button eyes!

Start off with the Yellow Raincoat and Yellow Rain Boots to get her iconic look of Coraline. For the bottom, wear Plaid High Waist Skirt with Extra Long Striped Socks. Accessary yourself with Leather Messenger Bag and Coraline Key Necklace Chain. Don’t forget to attach the Dragonfly Clip to the Blue Short Wig.

Coraline Cosplay Costume

Asides from having the curious and adventurous personality present, have a yellow raincoat ready for a resemblance like no other. One may have a white shirt on the inside for comfortability. Sling the leather messenger bag onto the body and wearing the long striped socks covered with the yellow rain boots. The red skirt needs to be a bit noticeable by having it seen at the bottom hem of the raincoat. Go and attach the dragonfly clip to the blue short hair wig and commit to the Coraline costume better.

An additional technique to complete the get-up is the make-up look.  Freckles are spread across a bare face that is fair and light. An application of blue nail polish is optional. Another option is to wear a pitch-black contact lens for the black button eye effect that Coraline’s version had as a ragdoll in the other dimension.

coraline costume

About Coraline

The character of Coraline is known better in this dark fantasy film adaptation of a novel by Neil Gaiman. This award-winning stop motion film was released in 2009. It was directed by Henry Selick, the one responsible for the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Through the voice of Dakota Fanning, Coraline’s story is made better. She can be seen taking on an adventure and exploring a mysterious door she discovers upon moving into a new place far from her first home with her parents. She then witnesses a parallel and alternate world.  It seems to depict her world in reality. But only this time, it is horrifyingly different and grotesquely depicted. She sees figures of her mother and father but as seemingly other beings as they have distinct features of black buttons for the eyes.

With her experiences with the other dimension she stayed in and witnessing how her other mother and other father treated her, Coraline now realizes that she needs to be content with her new life and take on the new beginnings this can offer to her family.

Coraline Halloween Makeup Tutorial

What is the most famous quote from Coraline?

1. “Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”

2. “But how can you walk away from something and still come back to it?”

3. “The names are the first things to go after the breath has gone, and the beating of the heart. We keep our memories longer than our names.”

4. “The sky had never seemed so sky; the world had never seemed so world.”

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