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Batman Cosplay

If you’re ready to get into the world of Dark Knight, start preparing for your Batman cosplay.  Batman is one of the superheroes in the world of DC Comics. Although different stories and versions are released, Batman’s secret identity, Bruce Wayne, remains. He is still the American billionaire that witnessed his parent’s death which led … Read more

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red hood costume

A Red Hood costume is perfect for individuals that are fans of the vigilante Batman Arkham Knight character that fights for justice. He is known as Jason Todd, Batman’s sidekick. He has helped the dark knight defeat the scarecrow, one of the villains in the Batman stories in the DC universe. Red Hood is an orphan turned vigilante under the mentorship of Batman. Red Hood has been depicted to continue the fight against anti-corruption, gang violence, and illegal activities in Gotham in an equally violent and anti-hero way. As such, he sometimes gets into blows and arguments with Batman’s companions, such as Robin, Nightwing, and even Green Arrow.