Last-Minute Red Blood Cell Costume Idea

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  1. Red Denim Jacket
  2. Black T-Shirt
  3. Red Blood Cell Wig
  4. White Gloves
  5. Denim Shorts
  6. Red Belt
  7. Red Boots
  8. Red Blood Cell Cap
  9. Black Socks

Easy DIY Red Blood Cell Cosplay Guide

Red Blood Cell AE3803 is one of the prominent manga and anime series Cells at Work protagonists! She is portrayed as a new red blood cell unfamiliar with the blood vessels, often leading to her getting lost while delivering goods. Her job involves providing oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nutrients all over the body.AE3803 is characterized by her determination, scatter-brained nature, and lack of direction, which negatively affect her deliveries. She is incredibly devoted to her job and works hard to become reliable. She is bubbly and cheery when interacting with others, always willing to help those who need it.

To dress like Red Blood Cell, wear a black t-shirt, a red denim jacket, denim shorts, a red belt, black socks, and red boots. Finally, wear a red wig and a Red Blood Cell cap.

About Red Blood Cell AE3803 From Cells At Work

AE3803 was initially chosen as a red blood cell because of her red hair. After the sorting, she was raised with other erythroblasts within the Bone marrow. But her clumsy nature led to her being teased by her classmates.

During one training session on escape practice, she accidentally ran off and ended up lost in the Bone marrow. She wandered even further, only to be caught and chased by a Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacterium. This is when a myelocyte, assumed to be young U-1146, jumped in to save her. Fortunately, this bacterium toyed with them long enough for help to arrive as a neutrophil. They agreed to meet again before the duo left the scene, however slim their chances of reunion were.

After much training, AE3803 went through enucleation and became a full-fledged red blood cell. AA5100 would help her navigate the body and correctly perform her job, but she still got lost often and required her senpai’s help, being secretly assisted by U-1146 on occasion. Eventually, AA5100 gets her to teach NT4201, which she successfully does thanks to work experience.

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