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Penny Proud outfits come from the Disney animated series, The Proud Family. It’s a nostalgic costume for millennials like me, especially those who grew up watching this cartoon.

Penny Proud is the main character of the TV series, which was voiced by Kyla Pratt. She is the daughter of the Proud family.

Penny is known to be a happy and confident young woman. She is very smart, oftentimes being a straight-A student.

Penny also has interests in journalism and sports, making her quite well-rounded. She has an independent mind and spirit and has shown some feminist ideals.

As a kid watching The Proud Family, Penny Proud was a really inspiring character to me. If you love her just as much, you can show this by dressing in your own Penny Proud outfits.

You’ll Need:

  1. Pink Sweater
  2. White Shirt
  3. Black Wig
  4. Mini Skirt
  5. Black Tattoo Marker
  6. Maroon Shoes
  7. White Socks

Penny Proud Outfits DIY Guide

To piece together this outfit bit by bit, you will first need to start with the mini skirt that Penny Proud wears. Get a magenta skirt to lay the foundation of this look.

From there, you will need to get a white blouse. Over the blouse, you can wear a pink cardigan sweater like Penny herself wears.

On your feet, you should wear a pair of white socks that stick out above the shoes. Where the shoes are concerned, you can get a pair of maroon sneakers to match the skirt.

If you don’t have naturally black hair, you’ll need to get a wig to look the part. Style the wig into pigtails if it does not already come that way.

Penny Proud Cosplay | Halloween Costume Ideas

Penny Proud Outfits

Due to the casual nature of the Penny Proud outfits, this makes for excellent daytime cosplay. It’s nice and subtle, so you can get away with wearing it just about anywhere.

If you want to turn this into a group cosplay, you can have some friends dress up as other members of her friend group. This includes Dijonay Jones, Zoey Howzer, LaCienega Boulevardez, Sticky Webb, Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins, and Michael Collins.

Penny Proud outfits

About Penny Proud From The Proud Family

Penny Proud is one of the main characters in the Disney cartoon The Proud Family. She is voiced by Kyla Pratt and is one of the more memorable characters from that Disney era.

Penny Proud is the smart and ambitious daughter of the Proud family. She gets perfect grades and has an interest in journalism as well as sports.

She likes to hang out with her friends and spends a lot of time talking to her grandmother, who is affectionately known as Suga Momma.

Penny Proud has been shown to be an independent thinker and person in general. She has a happy, healthy outlook on the world and believes in feminist ideals.

Many people fondly remember The Proud Family, and especially Penny Proud, when they think about cartoons from their childhood.

Above, we have shown you how to create Penny Proud outfits of your own. Follow these steps to get your Penny Proud outfits ready for your next party.

What is the most famous quote from Penny Proud?

1. “Cashew, What Are You Doing Here?”

2. “That Is Ridiculous, Right?”

3. “Who Said That?”

4. “Punch It, Proud!”

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