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Overhaul cosplay is modeled after the character Overhaul. He is from the manga and anime series My Hero Academia.

Overhaul’s real name is Kai Chisaki. Kai is thought to have sociopathic and antisocial tendencies. He has been obsessed with “overhauling” the world ever since the Quirk phenomenon occurred. His end goal is to return the world to the way it was before.

Overhaul believes that using one’s Quirk, whether for good or evil, is a bad thing to do. He focuses all of his attention on eradicating Quirks entirely, effectively making him one of the villains of the franchise.

Overhaul is a compelling villain, and many fans love to hate him. If you’re a fan of Overhaul, you can show it by dressing up like him.

In the article below, we’ll teach you how to dress up in your own Overhaul cosplay. Read on to see how.

You’ll Need:

  1. Overhaul Green Jacket
  2. Black Shirt
  3. Overhaul Wig
  4. White Gloves
  5. Overhaul Mask
  6. Black Pants
  7. Brown Belt
  8. White Sneakers

Overhaul Cosplay DIY Guide

The most distinct part of the Overhaul costume is his unique green jacket. This should be the first thing you purchase when putting together your cosplay. It is recommended that you get a ready-made version of the costume to save yourself some time.

Another important piece of the cosplay is going to be the Overhaul mask. Get the mask already made to ensure that the details are perfect.

His hair is also distinct. For this reason, you will want to get a wig that looks like his hair if you want the cosplay to be accurate.

After that is taken care of, you can get a simple black shirt with a mandarin collar. You will also need a pair of black pants to match.

Wear a brown belt around the waist of your pants. Then, put some white gloves on your hands and step into a pair of white sneakers.

Overhaul Makeup Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Overhaul Cosplay Costume

Overhaul cosplay is an excellent choice for those who love villainous characters. He has a pretty standard look that could be worn as a daytime cosplay. Still, it is distinct enough to stand out as a colorful cosplay.

Turn the Overhaul cosplay into part of a group costume with ease. Get some of your friends together and have them dress in costumes of their favorite My Hero Academia characters.

Overhaul Cosplay

About Overhaul From My Hero Academia

Overhaul’s real name is Kai Chisaki. He is one of the villains in the My Hero Academia franchise.

Overhaul believes that the Quirk phenomenon is a plague on society, even calling it a “sickness” at times. His main goal is to wipe out Quirks entirely and return the world to its previous state.

This character is very strategic and level-headed. He doesn’t do well in social situations, mostly because he has anantisocial personality type.

Overhaul is also thought to be sociopathic, so it’s hard for him to see how his actions can negatively impact others.

In the article above, we’ve outlined the steps to take to create your own Overhaul costume. Follow these steps, and you’ll have your Overhaul costume ready in no time at all.

What is the most famous quote from Overhaul?

1. “A Goal With No Plan Is Called A Delusion. You Need A Plan In Order To Achieve Your Goal.”

2. “You Would Die For My Sake, Wouldn’t You?!”

3. “Nemoto, You Really Did A Good Job…”

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