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The Otori Emu costume comes from the musical game, Project Sekai COLORFUL STAGE! This game is often shortened to simply Project Sekai.

Otori Emu is one of the characters in the game. She is the daughter of the owner of the venue, Phoenix Wonderland.

She also attends the Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy as a second-year student. Otori Emu is a member of Wonderlands x Showtime, which is a musical show unit.

Otori Emu is a bright and cheerful girl who likes to make other people smile. She is very friendly and always eager to help out and make someone’s day.

If Otori Emu stood out to you as a character in Project Sekai, you can show your adoration for her by wearing a costume of hers. Keep reading to learn how to create your own Otori Emu costume.

You’ll Need:

  1. Otori Emu Costume
  2. Emu Wig
  3. Pink Stripe socks
  4. White Socks
  5. Candies
  6. White Gloves
  7. Glass Bowl
  8. Pink Shoes

Easy DIY Otori Emu Costume Guide

The dress that Otori Emu wears is highly detailed and intricate. This may make it difficult to perfectly replicate. If you want to skip those detailed steps, go ahead and grab a replica of Otori Emu’s costume.

From there, you can work on putting the rest together. You’ll need one white sock that goes up past your knees for one leg. On the other leg, you’ll need a pink and white-striped sock to complete the mismatched look.

On your feet, you can step into a pair of pink shoes with a bow on them. For your hands, you can wear a simple pair of white gloves.

Show Otori Emu’s sweet personality by getting a clear bowl and filling it with colorful candy.

Dream’on 2022 Concours cosplay Emu Otori Project Sekai Colorful Stage

Otori Emu In Real Life

Otori Emu has a bubbly and cute wardrobe to match her adorable personality. Her main color scheme is pink. This costume is therefore a good choice for anyone who has pink as their favorite color.

With so many other characters in the game, you can easily turn this Otori Emu costume into part of a group costume. Ask some friends to attend the cosplay event dressed as their own favorite characters from Project Sekai.

Otori Emu Costume

About Otori Emu From Project Sekai

Otori Emu is a popular character from the musical video game Project Sekai. In this game, she is related to the owner of the famous Phoenix Wonderland. Growing up, she always watched various performances in the park.

Otori Emu is a second-year student who attends the Miyamasuzaka Girls Academy. In her free time, she performs as a member of the musical group Wonderlands x Showtime.

Otori Emu is known to have a very friendly and warm personality. She is a cheerful girl, always looking to lift the spirits of those around her and make them smile.

Because she is so sweet and bubbly, many players in the game favor her. If you want to cosplay her, you’ve come to the right place.

Above, we’ve laid out the steps you’ll need to take to make your very own Otori Emu costume. Follow them closely, and you’ll have your cosplay ready to go.

What is the most famous quote from Otori Emu?

1. “I Want To Make Everyone Around The World Smile!”

2. Miku! Miku! Mikuuu!!!

3. Really? Yaaay♪

4. Ready! Hyah!

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