Last-Minute Omni-Man Costume Idea

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  1. Omni-Man Cosplay Jumpsuit
  2. Omni-Man Cosplay Boots
  3. Mustache Prop
  4. Silver Gray Hair Wax

Easy DIY Omni-Man Costume Guide

Omni-Man is an alien superhero from Invincible, an American adult animatеd supеrhero TV sеriеs. Omni-Man came to Earth to live as a traveling writer. Hе guidеs his son Mark Grayson to grapplе with his nеwfound powеrs. But behind his brave and righteous heroic image hides a sinister heart.

To dress like Omni-Man, you will need an Omni-Man Cosplay Jumpsuit, Omni-Man Cosplay Boots, Mustache Prop, and Silver Gray Hair Wax.

About Omni-Man From Invincible

Omni-Man comes from the planet Viltrum, believing his job is to protect the various planets from evil. Omni-Man displays a personality that mirrors that of a superhero for most shows. He is brave, heroic, and helpful. He never shies away from danger and is always willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good if necessary.

Omni-Man puts his son, Mark Grayson, through extensive training to learn how to harness and fine-tune the powers he inherited to become a hero like him.

However, he brutally murders the Defenders of Earth and betrays the superhero community. People realized he may be more sinister than he appears, a side that stems from his Viltrumite heritage.

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