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Storm is a capable, powerful, and brave member of the X-Men team. Her real name is Ororo. She adopted the alias after she began to work for Professor X. Storm would go on to become a teacher at Xavier’s institute. Here, she imparted her skill and knowledge to the students there.

You’ll Need:

  1. Storm Costume
  2. X-Men Belt Buckle
  3. Leather Belt Strap without Belt Buckle
  4. Black Gloves
  5. Patent Leather Boots
  6. Short Silver Wig
  7. Long Silver Wig

DIY Storm Costume Guide

Storm has a good heart and uses many skills to keep her friends safe. She is known for her immense level of bravery and willpower that even the bolder characters like Wolverine seem to lack. During interactions with fellow members of the X-Men, she tries hard to be caring and patient. 

Among X-Men fans, the Storm costume is among the most popular. This is especially true of female fans of the franchise. To dress like Storm, you will need Storm Costume, Silver Wig, Patent Leather Boots, Black Gloves,  Leather Belt Strap, and X-Man Belt Buckle.

Storm Cosplay Costume

Because of her compassionate nature and bravery, Storm is one of the most popular members of the X-Men. Her personality is further complicated by the anger and fear that sits under her surface, making her quite relatable. 

Storm wears her hair long in certain iterations of the character. The hair is a silvery-white color and is complete with piecey bangs. She wears a catsuit with a belt around the waist, accenting the silhouette even further. In the center of the belt is an X-Men belt buckle. Around her shoulders, she wears a long, flowing cape. A pair of black leather gloves on her hands stop around the wrists. Finally, she wears a pair of thigh-high black boots with chunky heels.

storm costume

About Storm

Storm is an admired member of the X-Men team. She first meets up with Xavier when she is young and begins to work with him. She goes by Storm once she takes her place among the ranks. 

Those who know the character well, however, know that she is quite angry and fearful a lot of the time. This anger and fear of hers came out more as a teenager before she met up with Xavier and her life shifted for the better. 

In time, Storm goes on to become one of the teachers at Xavier’s school, along with many other members of the X-Men. In the future, once Xavier passes away, she keeps the school alive when so many of her contemporaries don’t see a point. She does this to carry on Charles’ life’s work, giving mutant children nowhere else to go a place to be.

Storm Makeup Tutorial| X-Men| Halloween Costume Ideas

What is the most famous quote from Storm?

1. “I Gave Up On Pity A Long Time Ago.”

2. “I Have Faith In You.”

3. “No, But We Can Slow Them Down.”

4. “You Can’t Save The World Just Going Around Killing People.”

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