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The Ochako Uraraka costume comes from the anime series My Hero Academia. She also goes by the name Uravity.

Ochako Uraraka is one of the main characters in the show and manga. She is a student in Class 1-A and is quite skilled where combat is concerned. This is due to her training in Gunhead Martial Arts.

As for her quirk, she can manipulate gravity. She is able to do this by touching items with special pads that will send the item into zero gravity.

Due to her personality, appearance, and quirk, Ochako Uraraka is one of the most popular female characters. This also makes her a prime cosplay choice.

In the article below, we’ll show you how you can create your own Ochako Uraraka costume in no time at all.

You’ll Need:

  1. Ochako Uraraka Costume
  2. Ochako Uraraka Wig
  3. My Hero Academia Hoodie
  4. Ochako Uraraka Heels

Ochako Uraraka Costume DIY Guide

Due to the complex nature of the Ochako Uraraka outfit, it is generally advised that you buy an Ochako Uraraka costume that has already been made. You can find an Ochako Uraraka battle costume online to get the base of your cosplay taken care of.

From there, you will need to get a medium-length brown wig. It should have bangs and longer strips of hair in the front.

You can get some pink makeup to give your face pops of matching pink, such as on the eyelids or as blush for your cheeks.

With these three pieces acquired, you’ll have your Ochako Uraraka costume finished in no time at all.

Uraraka Ochako makeup Tutorial – My Hero Academia | Halloween Costume Ideas

Ochako Uraraka Cosplay Costume

The Ochako Uraraka costume is colorful and eye-catching with its unique shape and silhouette. It has a futuristic look with plenty of personality.

This is her battle outfit, and it looks much different than the clothing she wears to school. The costume is primarily made up of black and pink colors, giving it a “pastel goth” aesthetic.

If you want to make this Ochako Uraraka costume even more unique, you can do so by incorporating it as a part of a group cosplay. Simply have some friends dress up as their favorite characters from My Hero Academia to create the perfect group costume. There are many for them to choose from, so there should be a character for everyone.

Ochako Uraraka Costume

About Ochako Uraraka From My Hero Academia

Ochako Uraraka is one of the main characters in the manga and anime known as My Hero Academia. She sometimes goes by her alias, Uravity.

Ochako Uraraka is one of the students in Class 1-A and is very talented. She is particularly skilled in fighting, thanks to her training in Gunhead Martial Arts.

Her quirk works well with her martial arts skills. This quirk allows her to manipulate gravity, which comes in handy on many different occasions.

Ochako Uraraka is one of the most popular characters in the show, making her an even more popular cosplay. Above, you’ll find a guide to creating your own Ochako Uraraka costume. Follow the steps to get it ready for your next anime convention or Halloween party.

What is the most famous quote from ochako uraraka?

1. “Giving Up Isn’t An Option For Me!”

2. “What Would Deku Do In A Time Like This?”

3. “I’ll Focus On Working Just As Hard As He Does.”

4. “I’m Going To Be A Hero.”

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