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A Nurse Joy costume is going to be well received amongst millennial and Gen Z cosplayers who grew up with Pokemon or were taken in by its undeniable charm.

Nurse Joy is a supporting character in the Pokemon franchise. As a nurse that works in Pokémon Centers throughout various locations in many regions, she has saved many Pokemon.

She is a kind and compassionate woman, gifted with a healing touch, ready to spring into action for the betterment of Pokemon health everywhere.

Her cute, neat, and petite look makes her appear to be a delicate character. But make no mistake, her kind demeanor doesn’t extend to those who needlessly harm Pokemon.

You’ll Need:

  1. Pink Polo Dress
  2. White Nurse Apron
  3. Nurse Cap
  4. White Ballet Flats
  5. Pink Wig

DIY Nurse Joy Costume Guide

Nurse Joy is popular for being a sort of Miss. Worldwide character and her memorable outfits throughout the series serve to enhance the effect.

The simple and warm-colored ensemble makes her a great character to cosplay. Following is our Nurse Joy costume guide, catered to help you cosplay her easily.

Starting off the whole look is her simple Light Pink Collared Dress. A White Apron goes over this dress, with no frills but with a huge White Bow in the back to keep it in place.

Get a vivid Pink Wig, long enough to create her iconic hairstyle. Next, place a petite Nurse’s Cap with the Red Cross atop your head. 

Finally, get yourself a pair of plain White Flat Shoes to adorn your feet. An adorable Chansey Plush would also add to the look, but this piece is optional.

Nurse Joy Wig Styling Tutorial | Halloween Costume Ideas

Nurse Joy Cosplay Costume

Ever since her first appearance in the Anime, Miss Joy has become a Nurse icon for fans everywhere. Her cute manner of dress and unique hairstyle is easily recognizable, even by people who haven’t watched Pokemon.

If you’re looking for a comfy cosplay whose components can even be used in other outfit sets, this is the way to go.

If you love Pokemon and don’t like seeing them hurt, a Nurse Joy costume is a perfect option for you. Luckily, this is a pretty easy ensemble and can be put together within a short span of time.

Here’s your chance to try a Pokemon group cosplay this Halloween to enhance the fun of the season. Grab your friends and get them to cosplay as Officer Jenny, Ash, Misty, and Brock before hitting the festivities!

Nurse Joy Costume

About Nurse Joy from Pokémon

Nurse Joy, also known as the Pokémon Center Lady, is the title of a series of nurses who work in Pokémon Centers throughout various locations in the different Pokémon regions.

Nurse Joy has the god-given ability to completely restore any Pokémon back to perfect health, and she has been doing so free of charge since Generation 1.

The Anime explains that all the Nurse Joys are separate ladies who are all related. “Joy” is actually their family name and not their given name. All of them are mostly similar in personality, almost always having a positive attitude.

Nurse Joy is a very caring woman, always ready to help Pokémon in need. As delicate as she appears, she is quite tough when her hands are full or when confronting someone who hurts Pokémon.

What is the most famous quote from Nurse Joy?

1. “We hope to see you again!”

2. “I know why you’re surprised. I look like all the other nurses, don’t I? My first cousin works in Pewter City, and my second cousin works in Viridian City. I think I’m the prettiest one, don’t you?”

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